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Warrant For Car Search?

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Fact- I dont know the law on this.

However I reakon most cops can do what they want if they have grounds for suspicion?


In queensland where I live they dont need a warrant to enter your house and terrorise you and your family. :D


I few mates recently got busted and they claimed that they were entering the property because they belived that some person who was wanted by the police wes hiding in these peoples houses. :D

They wernt of course but they found their weed and busted them. :angry:

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Yeah, Ferenge, i had a feeling that was the case...i live in Qld too, so I guess it means that the fuckers can do what they bloody like as long as there is reasonable suspicion (which is bullshit, because anyone can trump up any reason at all)...so much for personal rights. :angry:
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If you are on the road or crown land they can search your car, if it is on private property then they can't unless they have a search warrant for that property. If you are transporting mj then it is best to carry it on your person, as they can't search you unless they arrest you first and they need a valid reason for doing that.



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In SA the police are legally entitled to search your car and your person if they have " reasonable suspicion" that you are carrying an illegal substance or a concealed weapon. There's one particular area here in Adelaide where it is a common sight to see cars being searched by sniffer dogs on the side of the road.
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I believe its the same in WA for them searching given, "reasonable suspicion". When I was younger a mate and I got caught in a car suspected of drink driving. The cops had seen the car in one spot, then come around half an hour later and it had moved....They didnt actually see us driving. So when they pulled up we both got out, we had been drinking and smoking and the police alter told me and my parents that we were "glazed"over. So they asked us to empty our pockets...and I was carrying a pipe. Doh! Ah life as a 17 year old :D...However I recently heard that I am not eligle for the 2 plants and up to 30g rule, cause I was caught with an implement...Or is that cancelled as soon as you turn 18? It was just a caution....



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