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Dwc Bubbler Problems

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Ok....well im a new grower , im experimenting with a bubler , i have no camera so please bear with me on this one .


Bagseed Bubbla


the Bubbler is a 50 litre black container with lid wrapped in Panda

i have 2 x small air pumps on flexible air stones running 24/7

i have been on 24 hour lighting for the 1 st 3 weeks

i have just gone to 18/6 for the rest of Veg

1st week it was at about 280 ppm in an aero cloner

2 nd week i bumped up to 420-560ppm in bubbler

3rd week i was 700 ppm.

res temps has been close to stable 22 c

room temp has been high 25-32 C

i have a 1m x 1m x 2 m grow space with 600 watt hps air cooled

250 cm fart fan running 24/7 and now have 12 x 2 inch passive holes


i think it was getting way to hot so i cut some more holes ,i had 4 x holes 1st week , then 6 x holes,2nd week now 12 holes in 3 rd week


The problem is i have lotsa new growth , but the old leaves after 2-3 days get black/brown spots on it then eventually dry up and are brittle to touch.

This may have been as i was spraying it with ph balanced room temp water when i had the light at 2 foot (1st week), its now 3 foot or 1 metre away from the plant now .( i since found out i was supposed to spray when ights were off DOH !)


Also it was also always droopy (like under/overwatering), i removed the dead leaf material and its kinda tipped it into a real bushy little bugger , but the older leaves at the bottom are dying.


I dropped the water to 1 inch below the bottom off the net pot as there was about 6-10 roots hanging.

The roots have now got like ladders across them . i changed the res today and backed it down to 280-420 ppm


This is all experimental atm and its failing dismally so any and all help is much appreciated.



Thanks in advance


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sorry but I feel like offereing suggestions, however I dont grow with bubblers so I could be way off.

Get a second opinon before changing anything.


Now Firstly What is your PH levels of your nutes?

are there any signs of webbing under the leaves?

what was the EC of your water before adding anything??

What volume of air does your pump produce?

Why did you change your light from 24/0 as its the reccomended lighting time in veg, As the plant dont need any dark period in grow.

What do you use for testing the EC, have you tested it with the calibration fluid to make sure its reading correctly, (even slightly discharged batteries can give wrong readings).

Yea and DONT foliar spray the plants its not worth the little extra it gives you compared to the risks of burning the leafs.


Why is it failing? a few dead leaves dont mean shit, as long as its roots are white and its still growing some good leaf.

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Ph is at 5.5-6.0 atm , i have only the colour tester atm , ph meter in a week or two .


Theres no webbing under the leaves and the ppm of the tap water doesnt register on my truncheon , Truncheon is 1 week old , made this year , so i would like to think its accurate at the time being .

I had 2 a small single air pumps on 2 x airstones , i have got my self a dual air pump today its rated at 9500 cc a min , im still running the old single as well .


The roots are white , checked the ph and adjusted it to 5.5-6.0 after the n00t change yesterday .


Its looking like its perked up a bit .


I got some 3% hydrogen peroxide , gunna do a bit of research as to how much i might need .


Thanks for ya Help .


Edit i also raised the level to one inch above the net pot with the n00t change


I changed from 24/0 to 18/6 purerly for an economical point of view , if i had fluros to veg under i would probably go 24/0

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oh well i might reconsider buying the pH meter then , i just thought it would be good to have it spot on in the range of 5.2-5.8 ph.


Plant looks a lot healthier (after n00t change ) , i must of had it to high at 700 ppm , seems to like the lower ppm of 420 ish.


Added 60 ml of h202 to the 50 Litre tank last night .


Growth is slow, but its looking healthier since i removed the dried up leaves.


the 1st 3 sets of leaves are gone , the 4 th set is looking good so far , lotsa new growth were i took the older leaves off , but tits stil only small (100cm)


Any advice on ppm and water level at the net pot is most appreciated for week 4 to week 5

Also , do people think i should go back to 24/0 lighting for Veg ?

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EC AND PH explained, also explains why ph testers can be dodgy.


Added 60 ml of h202 to the 50 Litre tank last night .

seems alot compared to the brand I use, I use Oxyplus and its like 6 mls per 50 litres roughly.


If growth is slow then decrease the Nutes until the plant responds and then start to raise it again.


Any advice on ppm and water level at the net pot is most appreciated for week 4 to week 5

Also , do people think i should go back to 24/0 lighting for Veg ?

I have been looking in to these and it appears that the level should be an inch above the bottom of the net pot for newly introduced plants and around 2 inches below the net pot when the roots are in the water.

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ok , well its looking sick again after i raised the water level , so i might take it down to 2 inches below , theres about 12 roots dangling into it


room temp atm is 25C at exhaust fan

nute temp is 22 C

i have about 10 litres of air going per hour to 25L of nute solution dual pump and a seperate single air pump

Ph of nute is 6.0 , the water is 8.0 but i adjust that .

the roots are dangling in the water ,i was feeding seedling 700 ppm last week they looked droopy so i changed nutes andd lowered to 420 ppm

seedling is 24 days old about 6 inches tall .

i added a fish tank heater to keep nute temps at 22 c


i thought i wasnt getting enough air to the roots and added the dual pump yesterday , it good for the 1st before i added the heater ,dual pump and h202


i upped the ppm to 560-640 again , do you think im over feeding and need to change the nutes again ?

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Keep your nutes at a low level, when you see the tips of the new or newish growth starting to burn on the very end, then you'll know that it's too high. Back up from that level, but make sure you flush out the netpot once a week as well to remove excess salts, whatever the levels.


Only adjust nutrients upwards in small increments, they don't need much, and too much too quick can cause problems.


I think the older leaves dying off thing is likely to have been just a combination of the effects of spraying the plants all over with ph adjusted fresh water, which will have drawn on some of the nutrients in the leaves through a leaching effect, and also caused good conditions for various leaf fungus to grow.


As the leaves age though, or become heavily shaded, quite frequently the plants will sacrifice them in aid of thenew growth that's happening upstairs in the lighted areas. So don't worry too much if it's just a few shade leaves at the base of the plants.


Hope that helps.

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aha , well it must be to high then @ 560ppm , the tips are all a slight yellow , just noticed some are burnt a small bit , also a pale green , not dark green at all , almost like the veins are a differant colour slightly.


closer look underneath , newer stages of stem growth are purple other is older stem is green .


Stem thickness is about 5mm and about 100 mm high

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