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Soluble Silica

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has anyone here tried budlink. The bottle says increases weight and bulk, helps nutrient uptake, strengthens plants, improves disease resistance andimproves cell integrity.It is added at the rate of 5mls per litre all the way through the growing cycle.

Aparently silica is important to plant growth and will not stay in solution in undiluted nutes. it has to be added as a supplement

made by hydroponic generations, a WA company

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Hi mate,


I have only ever used it ONCE and it was with my NLPI plants.


Now It did NOT increase the yeild, or mass. :D


I didnt actually notice it doing anything BUT I also didnt have any problems with those plants, No insects (mites etc), no nute worries etc.

So I agree it helps to keep the plant healthy.

But dont expect it to add weight or mass mate.


Further more I have not bothered with it again as I dont seem to have any nute or plant problems.

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