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got the bronzes going at moment.trying to control these monsters was a headache in dwc system.in bloom now and shit odour has and still is a prob.mate so far am really happy with them.ill post pics when i take some in bloom 2morrow for you just to give idea of them.ill see if i can post one of veg now if i can work this.im not real great with forum stuff. here goes.


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I'll see what I can do. I'm half way through the `harvest' ATM.


A word of advice on the Bronze Whalers. Germinate more than you need. I Germed 6 - got 4 boys and 2 girls, and one of the girls was a runt - BUT the 1 good one made up for it easily over powering the Thai Kush, and Apollo11. I also had a friend of mine that Grew out the BRZ's. He got a runt as well, but I guess that can happen with every strain. Out of interest every single BRZ he germed were female !


On the whole I am very impressed with the BRZ's, and will definatly grow them again.

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i grow some da bomb last summer from dman, g13 black widow x cindarell99, my plant grew pretty darn well outdoors in soil in a pot, bout 3 or 4 foot tall fat indica looking leaves and alot of leafy bud which turned into very sticky nuggy bud, the smell was great when flowering was under way the high was my favourite too out of what i grew, i also grew white russian, ak47, bubbleberry f2, -da bomb was the killer out of those not just a catchy name me thinks... ill be growing it again shortly in a dwc set up just got my light today hopefully all set up by tomorrow
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