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Ventilation Tip

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If you are having a problem getting air in and out of your room, the problem most likely is your ducting, the best way for better ventilation is to pull your ducting tight, have the extractor as close to the roof as possible but don't attatch it to the roof, those vibrations can get noisy. Have a piece of ducting between the roof and the Extractor/Intake.


Use packaging strips to hold things in place (these thin blue strips from boxes.) I attatched them to the rafters in the roof.

I used thick butchers twine, and either of those also make it a little more quieter, while providing a better air flow.


Good Luck


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Just to add to Razors tip , is to have incorporated into your air system , equal fans sucking in as you have blowing out , with the in being under your plants (if possible) and out above your lights , A window with a normal timber stud skrewed around the frame and a sheet of ply attached from floor to ceiling ( no light spill ) with fans cut into the very bottom of the ply then have your trays , tubs etc setup right in front of the window with the in fans directly under , and extraction above the lights .

With fans set up like this you have a lot of control over your airflow (heat)and you can use smaller fans which work very efficiant as they are helping each other , moving air in the same direction is easier than sucking or pushing from one source .


Curtains stay on the window under the ply , from the outside it looks perfectly normal .

A radio left on just above the noise level of the fans is easier to explain than a hum and meter readers etc dont think twice about it .



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