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Ultrviolet Deodouriser

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:D Hey ya , A freind has given me an 8 watt Ultraviolet lamp ,Manufactured by Australian Ultra Violet Services (Operations) PTY LTD Model Deodouriser Prim volts 240 Prim Amps 0.17 8 Watts .it is about 30cm long Ihave been told it will keep a whole Grow Room Oduor free ,origionaly they are for sanatising and deodourising public toilets etc , Do any members have any information etc ,I would like to Know also will post as to if it works , Ive noticed it does seem to drop odours ,Suprisingly, also there is a slight Ozone type smell while lamp is operating . Ive been told that the Uv light rays separate air molecules , or cracking them a bit like a lightining storm. Apparantly This helps to make low dose,s of natural Ozone
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yea Its just an ozone generator,

Its tricky to setup at first because if its on for too long you can smell the ozone(dead give away), if its too short it will reduce the smell but not eliminate it.


Ozone is BAD shit too, it can make you really sick. which is something I didnt know about until fellow members here educated me.


but yea its a great thing and I wouldnt grow without one.

Where its better than carbon filtering is-

A/ it destroys the smells in the air, not just the air that is drawn through the carbon filter.

b/ cheap to buy, run and replace.

c/ it works in humid grow rooms where carbon often fails.

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