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Calling All Ozone Generator Users

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I would appreciate some detailed instructions on the various ways you guys are using your ozone gens. Do you have to turn your exhausts off because wouldn't the ozone get sucked out and not be effective, then maybe have a heat problem. I know shit all about them but thinking about getting one.
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hi mate,


I use a 25watt JBL ozone machine,


What I have is its mounted to the joists in the ceiling above the grow room and directly above the exhaust fan.


I dont have ozone in the grow room because its harmful to humans and plants.


I set mine according to the smell in the house, I leave my man hole off and if I smell the weed then I give an extra 15 mins a day.


Other than that My ozone machine is turned on 15 minutes every 3 hours in the middle of flowering and less in veg.


Its hard to set it up because too much ozone makes a worst smell, not enough and it doesnt kill the smell.

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If using a window for your outlet cover it with ply wood etc,Cut a hole out so the ducting fits through,Friend fitted his ducting onto a old paint tin with the bottom cut out then fitted it through the ply wood connected/fitted to a box outside the room that will blow out the hot air,In the box on the outside of room is a ozone fluro, All he did was buy the ozone tube which fitted into his normal fluro light :D Hope this make sense Its a bit hard without pics
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