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I Have Some Nice Seeds.

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So u know man. What u need to do know is plant those seeds and pick the best two and breed them together maknig the genes more stable.

Because what u have done is bred a F1 Hybrid. Meaning whn u plant those beans. Some might look like the sativa som might look like the indica. And some might look like a mixture of both. They are the ones u want.

When u breed the best two togther the seeds u end up with will be F2's and more stable. The babies will look like the mom and dad and thre will be good consistancy.

By that i mean they will all be quite uniform in growth.


I have recently done the same thing and im in the process of growing my seeds out and picking th best ones.


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Lets say that you have a Kick Arse Sativa that you absolutly love but are tired of waiting the 100 days of flowering for it. And a buddy of yours have a Kick Arse Indica that flowers in 45 days. So you think to your self that you would wanna cross them together to get your ultimate strain right.


To begin You will need to have a Male and a Female. For right now I will use Indica and Sativa.


We will lable the Indica Male and the Sativa Female. These are called your P1's the P stands for Parents.

We clone them and keep either 1 or both alive the entire time of the process.

We take those clones and we let them flower together.


The seeds from the P1's are called F1's for first generation. These seeds have 50% of each P1's genetics. Some will look like the Sativa and some will look like the Indica. This is called Phenotypes. There are alot of different Phenotypes in plants and I don't wanna get to deeply in to that cause that could be a book in its self. So for right now we will just say Indica Pheno and Sativa Pheno.


Now since we are just wanting to drop the flowering period on the Sativa plant we take the F1's and grow them all out. We are looking for a Sativa Pheno type that flowers in a shorter period of time. And in order to do this we must take clones of everything we grow out so that we don't lose the strain. So say we grow out 100 seeds from the F1's we now have 200 plants. Taking a clone from every plant as to not lose the Pheno type we are looking for. We will also lable everything so that we know what is what in the mist of all these plants.


Now remeber that only the strong survive here. You don't wanna breed sickly plants. So we watch for the fastest growth and bushiness of the plants and and take those and begin to flower them out.

Once things start to should sex you are going to wanna seperate the males and females so that you don't get any pollenation going on yet.

You keep track of everything by writeing it all down and the ones that flower the fastest with the Sativa Pheno type you pic out.

And since these are all clones you can go back to the F1's and take more clones of the ones that had the Sativa Pheno type you wanted and breed them together. You can take all the others and smoke them up or discard them no matter what ya do with them cause they are of no use to you.


Now you have These F1 clones flower out together and the seeds that they make are called F2's.


Everytime you take a plant to seed is called a generation. So the next time some one says ( Ya I got this 10th generation clone. you will know that it is not true that it is only a 10th regeneration cutting.) Other wise it would be a F10.


Now we take the F2's and like before grow them all out and look for our Sativa Pheno type with short flowering peroid.


We will keep on doing this til we get about to an F4 or F5. Why so much inbreeding you ask? Think help stablise the strain and make your short flowering peroid dominant in the plant.


So say we are at an F5. We have an Sativa Pheno type that flowers around 56 days. Has all the qualities that we wanted it to have. We now take that F5 and breed it back to the P1.


In doing this we are making the Sativa phenotype Dominant and reinforcing the plants genetics. The seeds from that cross are call F1's. Cause you went back to the Parent stock with is offspring. You are Hybrid vigor again and reinforced the potentce of the plant.


Now what would the Sativa to Indica ratio be? Just alittle math for you to figure out to make sure you have been paying attention.


Cause you really need to have some math skills in order to breed.


Now if ya just take a male and female and breed them together you get an F1. But if it is the same strain It becomes an IBL(in breed line.) And more often then not is an F2.


Ok now for the next 1 :D.


If ya take a male branch and cut it off and pollenate a female it is still the same thing. F1. Just a different method of Pollination.


When you are inbreeding F1,F2,F3,F4,F5,ect,ect,ect. You are making the strain breed true for a trait. IE Big Bud.


A pure bread strain is like Afghani, Thai, Hindu Kush Valley.

It has not been crossed with anything eles.

An execption to this I belive is #1 skunk.

Yes it is a cross breed but it is very consistant and you can always tell what you are going to get most of the time.


And no you don't have to reintroduce the F5 back to the P1. But it just makes things easier for the breeder. Cause it is stablized and had hybrid vigor again with reinforced potence.



And recessive gene's are traits that are hidden in the plant that don't come out til it has been stressed enough or bred out. When you are doing your F1,F2,F3,F4,

You will almost always find the Recessive gene's coming out in the plants.

Kinda like a Pez dispenser. Ya take 1 and another pops up til they are all gone. Make sense?




With thanks to Rigamortis-Rigamortis

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