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Hydro System

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Today i saw a hydro set up which appealed to me for a few reasons.

It is marketed as the 'Hydro Pot' system, and the pots are gravity fed water and nutrients through a system that does not use electricity.

This was one positive point. The other appeal was that since all the nutrients are already mixed in, there is less mucking around with ph levels etc.

This system also did not need to be flushed, as water is fed through the gravity pipe- similar to a hospital drip i guess. It also seemed to take up less space than the traditional well systems.

Could someone please offer advise regarding this setup compared to the well system. The cost was around $100 for a 2 pot setup, as opposed to $200 for the well system which also uses a pump, and thus may be somewhat noiser than the hydro pot system.

Is there another name for the hydro pot system? The 'tank' is hung up on the wall and water is fed down to the plants via a pipe and latch thingy, which lets in the correct amount of water.

Would appreciate the pros and cons between the two systems.



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