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22nd Nimbin Mardigrass. Cannot wait!

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Hey guys, Just saw this article on this years Mardigrass - cannabisnewsaustralia.com/the-22nd-annual-nimbin-mardigrass/#.U14u8vm4Uus.




Since the days of the Aquarius Festival when many revelers decided to stay and set-up more permanent living arrangements, the town of Nimbin has grown on a foundation of Marijuana. With a number of the local stores dedicated to cannabis and hemp in some form or another, this ‘hippy haven’ has made quite the name for itself among cannabis connoisseurs.

From the local HEMP Bar, which describes itself as ‘a meeting place for Cannabis Law Reform activists‘, to ‘Hemping Around’, a clothing and souvenirs store specialising in hemp products, a great deal of local economy is fueled by cannabis. With Nimbin loosely known as the ‘Hippy Capital Of Australia’ in addition to its history in marijuana, the local cannabis tourism plays a key role in keeping the small town alive.

“The event this year is set to be the biggest MardiGrass yet, with speakers such as Tony Bower, Steve Bolt and Jim Moylan”

Each year Nimbin holds its annual ‘MardiGrass’ event where thousands of cannabis loving Australians flock to ‘imagine peace, prosperity and a Fair Go’. This years event will be somewhat different to the first MardiGrass that was held on the 1st of May 1993. The original gathering was held as a peaceful protest in a non-confrontational atmosphere, in response to an individuals arrest for cannabis related crimes. It was very simply a march on the police station in opposition of Australian cannabis laws. The march, organised by the Nimbin Hemp Embassy (formerly “Nimbin Hemp”), was led by Bob Hopkins and was nothing but a colourful group with one large joint to begin with, but as they headed toward the local police station the group grew to a thousand strong. With such a large turn out, the local media arrived to put the Nimbin pro-cannabis community on display to the world. With the success of not only this first event but the 20 that have since followed, the Nimbin MardiGrass is set to continue to grow as Australia’s pinnacle of Cannabis events.

Over the years MardiGrass has not only grown in terms of turnout but also culture. The MardiGrass parade is an annual main event, held on what this year will be Sunday the 4th of May and expected to bring thousands of ‘toking-tourists’ to the town, all showing support for marijuana legalisation in Australia.


Marching through the main streets of Nimbin and finishing in ‘Plantem Park’, the main spectacle will also once again include the renowned ‘Big Joint’ (depicted left). This huge inflatable joint with the words ‘Let It Grow’ is accompanied by a plethora of street performers and activists, getting the crowd prepared for a communal ‘smoke in’ of the main street. The two days leading up to the parade are packed with street performances, comedians, dedicated areas for ‘chilling out’, workshops discussing different facets of cannabis, legal advice sessions, and who could forget the ‘HEMP Olympix’.

The HEMP Olympix first started in 2000 and was born from the simple idea of creating a sporting event that supports the cultures interests. The spectacle includes events such as table-tennis, badminton, volleyball, joint rolling and bong pulling, with winners receiving the ‘Ganja Gold’. The opening ceremony is held on Friday night, with the ‘Eternal Flame’ being carried into Allsop park to start the proceedings. Saturday is filled with preliminary heats for the 4 joint rolling categories; speed roll, artistic roll, roll in the dark and adverse conditions roll. The annual bong throw & yell competition, beard stash, taxi run and correct weight events should also provide a platform for smokers to show off their well developed skills.

The event this year is set to be the biggest MardiGrass yet, with speakers such as Tony Bower (Mullaways Medical Cannabis Pty Ltd), Steve Bolt (solicitor and cannabis activist) and Jim Moylan (Australian HEMP Party) covering topics such as legal advise, medical marijuana, and a rage of forums on different facets of cannabis in Australia. With the fun of the Hemp Olypmix and the famous MardiGrass rally to fishing the whole event off, the first weekend in May is set to be another interesting one for cannabis in Australia.

The  Cannabis News Australia team will be at Nimbin this year to bring you the latest cannabis news and event coverage, check out the latest update on MardiGrass from Nimbin Hemp


Getting pretty excited for this years event. Are many crew from the OzStoners community heading up? Would love to catch up for a little toke if anyones keen. 

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Sorry mate, unfortunately I don't have access to my old account so had to make a new one. 

Let me introduce myself - I enjoy smoking buds and will be attending Nimbin Mardigrass in support of this. If anyone else also enjoys consuming cannabis and will be attending the Mardigrass, i'd love to share a toke. If not, as you said, i'm sure there i'll meet heaps of crew there. 

Just thought this was the best way to get back involved with the forum to be honest, but duly noted. 

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