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ABC 2 Wed 16th 9.30pm " How Drugs Work"

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Hi all


Apologies if this is posted already elsewhere ( I did look), just seen the promo for this tomorrow night. Cannabis is the subject this week.

Unsure if it's for or against, propaganda or just straight science. Looked more to be about party/ recreational drugs than a medical bias, next week Ecstasy. 3 part series.

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I watched it and thought it was alright, The science about how it works in the body was interesting. I understand a bit about Neuroplasticity of the brain, because of my Chronic pain. When I see a drug making changes to neural pathways its not as alarming or "negative" to me. Just being in long term pain does this, many of pharmaceutical drugs I take do it, some like Lyrica ( which I stopped ) try to undo these neural pathways created.


I liked how they looked at what was happening to the people outwardly after they, smoked, ingested or vaped and then explained what was happening in the brain to create that effect.


The positives I saw were  people going to Uni and work, etc, and being successful, whist using cannabis. People being more Happy, relaxed, creative and why.


Really stupid bit for me was the " addicted" guy that was loading his joints and cones with heaps of tobacco. They only mention once that he was giving up cigarettes at same time as cannabis. 


I would have liked to see more about medical use than Sativex,  


To me the program seemed pretty balanced  and said

  • Be aware of smoking because it will damage your lungs
  • Don't take if your under 15, bad for young developing brain
  • Don't take if your pre disposed to psychosis

Otherwise, enjoy.

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