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Newly harvested weed has low potency

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Hi all,


I harvested my Kiwi seeds Hindu Kush at 10 weeks, dried it for 7 days and it's now been curing for 1 week and it is the lamest weed I've ever smoked.


It's been grown in coco and given nutes as expected. It had mainly cloudy trics with some clear and amber. I realise that a long cure will increase its potency but is it normal for weed to have low potency when first harvested?



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its super easy to find a shit plant, easy to find an average one, not too difficult to find a good one and a truly spectacular one takes either numbers or luck and that in thc dominate lines.  get a line like hindu kush that has a high potential for cbd phenos and you can get one of those truly spectacular one in a million phenos that is cbd dominate and might as well be grass from a drug users perspective.  all you can do if you don't like a plant is ditch her and find a new girl to keep around.

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