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Thrip Troubles

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Hi Forum.

First Post unfortunately its because I’m having some troubles and not to show you how awesome my plants looking :(.

I started noticing some spots on my plant about 5 weeks ago and little black things on the underside of the leaves. Which i had associated to Thrips in the past.

Plant is getting worse rapidly, there is new leaves eaten every morning sometimes slim like snail slim and more and more spots on the leaves with undersides covered with little black and white things.

What ive tried over 5 weeks is, first two weeks used Pyrethrum spray with no affect.

Then a couple weeks trying soapy water to no avail.

Last week i tried a product called eco Naturalure which has spinosad in it which seem to be what people recommend with no noticeable affect.

This plants in the ground so its a bit hard to test the run off to check the ph so im not sure if i could have a manganese or another deficiency as well?? With a  thrip infestation as well but im just not sure so hoping one of the experts here could help me out.

The strains Lemon Haze x something and it only had 6 weeks veg and in its 4 and a half week of flower, Buds seem to be growing strong but if it keeps going like this it won’t make to end of flower :(.

Thanks for reading and your advice :)






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