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How Many Ppm In Your Tap Water

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just wondering what most people's tap water is like for hydro growing my tap water is .9 on my TDS meter which i think is 900ppm, I grow at around 2.2 - 2.4 which is only 1.3 - 1.5 real nutes the rest is crud in the water,

The thing is my last crop leaves a salty taste in my mouth, so its probaly not flushed properly using the .9 tap water, I'll have plenty rain water for the next crop thanks to the recent rains, Rain water comes up at 0.1 on my TDS meter, which should make the next crop better.

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Mines around the .8 ec mark too, and it seems to grow ok. :) Although yes, rainwater is good, you must remember that your nutrients which are designed for tap water will have some nutrients missing. Like calcium, etc... so make sure that you take this into account when setting up fertiliser.


That said, rainwater is good shit. :)

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mines around 200ppm,


you want to keep clones and seedlings and veg under 1000ppm total, for best growth and better yeild.


I would use rain water but filter it, or buy treated water, or at least a tap filter.

Reverse osmosis is supposed to be good, but very costly and slow.

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maybe my water isnt to bad then, its probably the shitty strain of pot im growing i dont think it can be improved any they looked fine as when growing just not that great a smoke, going to track down some clones for my next grow, something sweet with a good yeild,
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This guys tap water is poisonous, its at 900ppm and thats huge.

Even if the nutes were kept as low as possible theres still bound to be lock out and excessive others.

But yea alot of the bud you smoke is the genetics mate, you might have a hemp based strain??


go the rain water mate. :)

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