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Daily cannabis users more likely to be dependent on nicotine

OZ Stoners

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Daily cannabis users are significantly more likely to be dependent on nicotine than non-users, according to a joint study by the National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre (NCPIC) and the NSW North Coast Area Health Service.

Unlike cannabis users in other countries, Australian cannabis smokers regularly mix their cannabis with tobacco, often called ‘mull’, leading to exposure, and potentially dependency, on nicotine as well as cannabis.

The researchers decided to investigate the possible role cannabis use may play in higher tobacco smoking rates in men aged 25-34 in Northern NSW than in other parts of the state. Analysing data from the National Drug Strategy Household Survey and the NSW Health Survey the research team was able to identify some interesting results.

“We found significant associations between daily cannabis use and nicotine dependence,” said Dr Avigdor Zask of NSW Health. “That is, the greater amount of cannabis smoked the higher nicotine dependency rates, but also the greater the use led to reduced success in attempts to quit or reduce tobacco use.”

Although Australia has one of the lowest rates of tobacco smoking in the world today, cannabis continues to be the most widely used illicit drug in this country with just over one third (34%) of the population ever having tried the drug. This study provides more information on the complex relationship between the two drugs and on potential treatment options.

“These findings have major implications for mainstream tobacco cessation services,” continued Dr Zask. “They demonstrate clearly that to ensure the best outcomes possible for tobacco smokers they should assess and address the practice of mulling tobacco with cannabis when providing cessation services to clients.”

The study’s findings will be presented today at the 2nd National Cannabis Conference in Brisbane. The conference is run by the National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre (NCPIC), which is based at the University of New South Wales.

NCPIC is an Australian Government initiative supported by the Department of Health and Ageing.

Cannabis Information and Helpline – 1800 30 40 50
NCPIC website – www.ncpic.org.au

Contact Details:
Morag Millington, tel. (02) 9385 0213, 0431 981 046, email: m.millington@unsw.edu.au
Paul Dillon, tel. (02) 9385 0226, 0419 402 099 email p.dillon@unsw.edu.au
Date Issued: 20th September 2012

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There's an element of truth to it, but it does come across a bit like they are cherry picking fact and beliefs to suit an agenda.  I liked the "often called mull" comment, shows a lack of true understanding of the subject they are supposed to be dealing with, my entire canna life mulling up, mull, and the mull bowl have never had anything to do with tobacco, so unless it's different in some other part of the country I don't see a connection.


They are right to say that people trying to give up ciggies while still spinning out their canna are fighting a losing battle, but surely it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work that out.


Putting tobacco with good buds is sacrilege, and if anyone put it in my mull bowl I would punish them severely.

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I call bull shit, i smoked baccy for a long time, i even spun out my weed.


About 10 years ago i chose to give up baccy, now cant stand it and would never take it up again.


Bet Jans name is attached to that some where with out even reading it lol...


I'm the same Ozzy, I used to smoke and spin. Quit cold turkey Nov of 2013 and haven't looked back, trying to get all my friends that smoke mix to stop as well. Because that's what makes you addicted, any educated cannabis enthusiast knows that cannabis is non addictive. Habitual yes, addictive? I don't think so. 

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Never smoked cigs taste like shit and do nothing for me, on the other hand totally addicted to pot, have been for 45 years. I must be the odd one out, those researchers make me want to laugh, get a real job you time wasters. i know its an old thread but shit never sleeps ha ha.


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