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Possible plant disease or pest problem? (pics included)

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OK so one of my plants (7 foot) has some strange appearances on some of the older leaves in the middle of the plant, and some new growths.

It started as white blotches but now small black dots are appearing. Some leaves going pale. Its in the center of the plant mainly, (leaves that are shaded) but could be creeping up. Also the affected branches may be a tad smaller as in growing slower. not sure.

i dont thinks its nutrient as im giving enough but not too much...

Disease or pest? fungus? 

Check out the pics :) any help would be appreciated. 





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Looks like white fly damage to me with the black spots their crap. A low tox pyrethrum or systemic pesticide (also low tox) like Confidor will give you a bit longer protection. Pyrethrum treat every couple of days whilst systemic Confidor gives you about 7 days protection. A simple yellow sticky trap will catch them for you to identify if they are the problem. Cheers Pat.  

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5mL neem oil mixed in 1L bottle with 2-3 drops of dishwashing detergent (whatever you have near your sink) and mixed well, left to sit for 15 minutes and mixed again. Then spray on plants.


Neem oil is cheap,organic,water soulable & extremely effective at detering and removing many pests & fungas variates.


I've personally had neem oil work for 95% of problems. Tobacco juice kills all bugs on contact (from what I've seen myself..) but its a lot tougher on the plant and should be used on a worst case basis.

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