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All weekend HEMP Party in Nimbin

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This weekend Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party members and candidates from across Australia will gather to meet each other and make plans for the upcoming election.
On Saturday HEMP Party National Campaign Director, Jim Moylan, will present the 13th HEMP Activism & Police Wrangling Workshop in Mingle Park (behind the Museum) in Nimbin from 2pm-4.20pm.
“Police Wrangling” has been presented to audiences in Adelaide, Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane, Hobart, Launceston, Blacktown, Katoomba, Perth, Fremantle, Cairns, Townsville and now comes to Nimbin – the spiritual and symbolic home of the Cannabis law reform movement in our country.”
“This is a historical event,” says Jim. “Cannabis law reform activists from every state in the nation, and of all ages, creeds and colours, have joined forces. This election will be the first where Australian citizens in all States will be able to vote for Cannabis law reform as a mainstream political force.”
“The HEMP Party have taken inspiration from the vast wave of change initiated by people-power across heartland America. Like in the US: we have been organising both online and on-the-ground.
Like Obama did: we have initiated instant, online-membership and online donations. We can and have been running our own people power driven campaign for many months.
Soon even the mainstream press will have to start taking notice. I have been in every state of our country campaigning for change and I have been amazed at the way in which this issue has suddenly galvanized both old campaigner and newcomer alike. It truly is time for change in Australia.”
“Across the country I have found terrific support for our cause. People are sick of the prejudice against pot smokers.”
Candidates will be announced for each State and Mr Moylan says it is pretty much finalized. “We are thrilled Ray Thorpe, the founder of Happy Herbs will be the South Australian Senate candidate.
And in a bit of a twist, not unlike Julian Assange who is running as a Victorian Senate candidate from London, Michael Balderstone the HEMP Party President and Jim’s daughter 18 year old Tayla Moylan are the proposed Senate candidates for Western Australia.
“I’m more than happy to put my name on the WA Ballot. There is a lot of paranoia associated with putting your hand up and announcing you are a criminal,” says Michael. “I’m well out of the closet as a Cannabis user and my career will not be threatened!”
“Tayla may well be the youngest female Senate candidate ever,” says Michael. “She is a lively and articulate representative for her generation who are the most vulnerable and have the most to benefit from Cannabis law reform.”
All HEMP Party members are welcome to attend the Sunday meeting, and everyone is welcome on Saturday for the HEMP Activism and Police Wrangling Workshop.
Further information, Jim Moylan 04 39377217 Nimbin HEMP Embassy 02 66890326


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