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this is an interesting story i though id share with you all


late last March myself, Psylence and another friend decided to go and have a quick bong in the gym changerooms at lunch. its the schools smoking spot, whether it be pot or ciggarettes (usually cigs), and students never get caught.


in these changerooms there is one cubical, closed off from a urinal alongside it. you snap a load in the cubical, and if a teacher comes in, youre hidden, and hope they go away. so i took the first cone back, then psylence. when our other mate... let's call him Bob... went in to take his, a teacher walked in. now the bong was on the floor, and the place reeked of pot cos it was then i realised the windows were closed. psylence had already pissed off, and i was about to leave, when a phys ed teacher walked in, a real wanker of a guy. he went to take a piss at the cubicle, and Bob already knew that the teacher had walked in.


the teacher instantly smelled the pot and began sourcing the smell. i pecked off after psylence, and i knew that Bob was coming out right behind me. but the teacher had gone into the cubicle, seen the bong, came out, and caught Bob. he took down his name and form, and told him the bong will be given to the administration.


so right here, i know that they can't punish us in any way. they didnt catch us in the act of smoking, the bong was on the floor. so it could have been anybodys that was in there before us. i knew all they could do was question us one at a time and see if we give dodgey stories that dont match.


sure enough, they interviewed all three of us seperately. but we had already concocted some bullshit story that was the same, right down to who we said hi to during lunch. they didnt catch us out on our stories, so i began to think that we were safe.


obviously not. they told Bob, since he was on the one coming out of the cubicle where the bong was found, that he would have to get a blood test, or he would be expelled. i thought 'hang on, the school doesnt have the authority to order a blood test'. what's more, a blood test doesnt necessarily prove that you had been smoking at school. a person mightve had a joint at a party last weekend.


i told Bob to tell the school this and refuse a blood test, but he wouldnt. what he did was he used somebody elses piss in the sample, and the results came back showing no traces of any drugs. so he was let off free, and the teachers didnt come back and talk to psylence or me. if the school had asked me to get a blood test, i would have refused it straight out.


then i heard that these two other potsmokers were caught stoned in class after a session in the morning a few months back. the school told them to get blood tests to, but they refused. theyre still at school.


now, we finish half an hour early each wednesday because of phys ed. so we go into the bush next to the school to have a few bongs. the principal's latest ploy is for teachers to patrol the bush area on wednesdays from when we finish sport, because he doesnt like students loitering around there and knows that bongsmoking does go on.


there are two things wrong with this. the bush is not part of the school property, and we finish school for the day. we can go whereever we want, its out of school hours. and since we get changed into non-school clothes for sport, weve got nothing bearing the schools name on there: therefore, we cant be identified as school students, therefore we cant give the school a bad rep.


so tomorrow (wednesday), we're going down the bush and waiting for a teacher to come tell us off, and were going to tell them to get lost, because we can be here as long as we like.

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Unless there is some sort of condition in place about enrolment at the school then they can't force the blood tests and even then they would be on shaky ground.


Ok, now the "lecture" mode, mate if you want to learn then stay off the pot before and during school, take it from someone in the outside world, if you want an income then get the best education you can, existing on the dole sucks.



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hahahah poor bob


ill admit our school is full of holes....you guys have got away with everything.....


last case story we went to hungry jacks for lunch within school times....we got back right infront of a teacher...we went to the cirriculum council man blah blah blah we got told off letter going home to our parents report blah blah blah.....then 20 minutes later...we get a call on the P.A system to all come down to the office...we got let off because the teachers hadn't carified it with us year 12's that we arent allowed out for lunch during school time XDDDD it was sooo champ!

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THAT'S JUST PLAIN STUPID .... & you don't have my sympathy ..




you shold know better ..

you are aggravating a situation which can only make things worse ...

buy handing the authorities , " MORE AMMUNITION " against you ...


DON'T SMOKE DOPE AT SCHOOL ... ! use your sommon sense..

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