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Bonsai's are very time consuming etc...


From what I remember (I was going to grow them too) it involves at a guess, trimming certain roots for one, and also tricks like chopping the top and making special cuts so that you are able to angle one of the branches around to point straight up and that branch then becomes your main trunk. (using the gradting tape and shit) Apparently ending up with a minature etc.

Also involves training the branches to where you want them to grow by means of copper wire that can be bent to suit any growth direction intended.

Don't know about the mj, but I know other varieties can take years. This is of course if you want to grow a minature, with minature leaves etc. (IF thats how the pot would turn out)


Not too sure, but it would look cool hey, does anyone have more of an idea than I have on the subject?? It would be interesting to know if anyone has actually done this successfully.


Once when mowing my lawn in Queensland, I found a minature mj, about 4 inches tall with a little bud as a crown, pissy little thing it was,, even had minature brown bark instead of a healthy green!!!


Though it must have come from a stray seed from the people that lived there before.....


Give it a go Tripy, bonsai pot.....What a convo piece that would be!!


Cheers mate and bong on!!



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Low light is the key to achieving slow growth - a 48W fluoro 1 foot away is enough to keep 9 mums under without much work. If you let any branch grow long then its node length will be large and itll contribute to plant height so tipping often keeps the whole plant short. You can include tying to keep the whole plant growing at the same slow rate if any branch grows dominant also - just tie it under the others and itll slow right down (also if you want just one clone in a hurry you can force it to be the only dominant branch by holding the rest down). B)
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