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Hi Lindsay, my media is 60% perlite and 40% vermiculite. My watering system is currently set to run 6pm - 6:20pm, 12am - 12:20pm and 6am - 6:30am, the lights are set to start 15min apart from 4pm to 10am (18/6). whilst the system is technically a run-to-waste set-up the reservoir under the waterwell plant pots hold the run-off and once the root system reaches this reservoir there is little to no "waste" left to run off.



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They are a dark green nylon/plastic (neoprene) tile type mat that has either been used as non-slip flooring or some sort of drainage channel cover, they are about 2" high and their main function is to keep the pots of the cold concrete floor. There is a picture in one of the posts in indoor growing showing me using pieces of wood for the same purpose, and another showing some yellow plastic stuff. I found the present flooring at a tip for a mine in a nearby town, they cleaned up ok so I recycled them.



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