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Hlp With Hermi Plz

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My last crop i grew a hermi and a few ppl told me the way to get femed seeds was to pollinate a female plant with a hermi, which i did, now Im growing these new seeds out, the first one has turned out a hermi, there are only a few male sacks half way up the plant. now, My problem is, very close to this flowering plant i have a veg room with seedlings in it. Will pollen only pollinate another in flower or can they get cumed on in veg? this is what i need to know.

Also, i dont have alot of plants atm, so would it be worth keeping the hermi and growing it out? if so should i cut male balls off or leave em on?



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Can you separate it from the other plants? Stick it in a wardrobe under some compact fluoro's or something? Otherwise I would recommend giving it the chop the chop.


My last crop i grew a hermi and a few ppl told me the way to get femed seeds was to pollinate a female plant with a hermi,

The hermie for this needs to be a pure female that has been stressed so that it turns into a hermie.



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I dont get it fellers. Apart from Pollating other plants what are the down sides of having hermi's? If i had a camera id be able to explain the plant better to u all, The one thing that has me stuffed is, the last Hermi i had, all the male sacks shot out of the centre stem first, next to those little green feeler things that are there the whole growth of the plant and tell me if im wrong but this is normally where the first white hairs pop out in flower. then next to them is where i see little green dangle flowers (males balls) now this plant i have now, theres nothing on the centre stem but for HUGE white female (whatever there called) i call em white hairs. there fucking massive hey, never seen em this big, there like presents, the come out in a ribon shape and then unfold. now.... i have these right up the centre stem, no sign on male growth, only male growth on the plant is about half way up it on the side branches, theres prolly about 20 male sacks and thats it, rest is budding along quite nicely. now, my main prob is, i fucking love this strain, i wanna smoke it forever, it was like a party stone, i aint into body stones, i love mad head stones, this plant i was told my some tripper friends was the closest thing in pot theve had thats like chemi;s so yea, I dont wanna lose this strain.


Sorry i shitted on for so long, really stoned and bored.

So my main concern and if this is so i'll pull her right now, I have a veg room very close to this plant, Will a male plant effect VEGGING plants?? if answer is no, im fine, if it can cum on vegging plants (which doesnt quite make sence in my head) then yea, i'll have to pull it.

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Pollinated plants don't spend their time developing trichomes or thc and other cannabinoids, they spend most of their energies into growing seeds.


Which is why hermi and seeded pot is of lesser potency and aroma than sinsemmilla (without seeds) pot.


Chop the hermies, throw out the seeds, and start a new crop with some normal, fuck the feminised shit, seeds. You can spot males long before females will be flowering well, and you can get rid of these as soon as they appear. You'll still have to watch for hermies in the females, of course, but you can clone the ladies which are good and sweet potent, and grow these out again as cloned plants. Then you've got a nice even crop with similar likes and dislikes, and the weed will be kick ass potent as you know it was taken from a kick ass potent mum. lol


Good luck with the next grow mate. lol

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Thx for the reply, Im gunna grow this sucker out for the one reason that i have no other buds or plants nearing flower. and is it a FACT that when the plants grow seeds they stop working on THC cuz I've talked to some ppl about this. (outdoor growers with 50 + years of ex) and they swear us hydro growers have it wrong. they grow males next to there females cuz they want them to get rained on, yes for seed reasons but then he went into it on a genetic level and fuck it made sence, saying stuff like, it only makes sence to let the male do its thing and pollinate the female, half the plants energy is coming from the pollen, and also, then a plant goes to seed it goes into a boost stage cuz it has to protect these seeds (which it considers its babys) and ive been told that they go nutz on thc at this stage, i dunno, i aint saying anyone is wrong, it just realy makes sence, and christ i wish i still had some of my left over haze/gf, amazing, and she went to seed. buds were as fat as 1.25 l coke bottles. so yea i dunno.


and plz plz plz answer this someone.

Do i have to worry bout my vegging plants with this hermi hanging round?

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Opinions only-



Your mate is kind of right, im new to hydro and indoors but have grown outdoors for years before I grew hydro.


hes right in that they kinda explode in to resin,

however it has spent most of its energy on the making of the seeds and it does this at a cost of total strength.

Mind you that said I only recently have started smoking hydro as well, and I know that seeded bud is still great smoking. You just have to be careful not to roll the seeds in a joint or the explode.


I also wont smoke anything unflushed anymore, and wont smoke male or hermi plants because I get some sort of a build up and after about 3 days I start getting headaces.


As far as help with hermi and vegged plants, NO the hermi will not cause vegged plants to seed. However where you risk a problem is if ANY of the spores(pollen) is around when you turn them to flower. Then you might seed the plant.

A MJ plant will only use male pollen when it has a flower bract to respond to it.

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Cheers Buddy, Im just gunne leave this plant, I got 12 others of the same vegging atm so im gunna turn them for the hell of it and see what happens, Ive gone this far so i might as well finish well off, just see what sexes i get. It really is a pitty tho, i got no other seeds now, gotta start growing from clone i think. Some replanning to do.


Thx for the responses

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