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it seems no matter how much or hard swim trys, swim always sees each strain is only good for about 3 generations, by then it becomes unstable, starts to show stringy flowers, even when swim breeds selective females to early flower males, or stinkiest or potent male, (swims thinking the more early flower the best chance of  indica genetics) and increased chance of dense bud structure, 3 gen is it, is it all the males fault, cant see genetics clearly,  is producing female seeds the best way  to stop this 3 gen thing,  because you can clearly see the bud stature and fem behavior, and there by not so many hidden genetics, you could cross the best female with the the other female of choice, clones are no use to swim, as growing many neglected outdoor plants, is the best option for swim, and many clones would be harder than seed, as any one had more luck than swim, swims thinking the gens becoming unstable could be 

1-most strains these days are made from crossing many strains which means so many directions the gens to go by gen 3

2-to many hiden factors by males

3-landrace strains like afgan or kush have more pure bloodlines and have pretty much only one way to go

4-fem seeds is ones only option for maintaining genetics by gen 3

5-what is swim missing

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Please explain your breeding process in detail. I'm not sure what you mean by '3 generations'.


In general the f2 generation will show the most variation and this is where you want to grow out a lot of plants to see what phenotypes there are and to decide what characteristics you want to preserve. If you are only using small numbers to select parents from you will have less chance of acheiving the desired result or even finding suitable phenotypes.


Naycha :peace:

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The more you inbreed a line the less genetic diversity it has.  It becomes more stable as a result but if you have selected bad traits once which can be easily hidden it can lock them in for good.  You also lose hybrid vigor which can drastically reduce the growth of the plants in every aspect after only a few generations especially if you are very selective about the breeding.  On that note in virtually every book I've read on breeding they've recommended against using the very first males to appear as its believed they appear so early on as a survival trait from hemp to ensure pollination.


How you breed will really depend on what your goals are.  Inbreeding a special lady to lock her genes in seed form will be vastly different from making F2s from a pack of seeds and selectively breeding a male of one strain to a lady of another to create an F1 hybrid.  I'm not even going to begin to go into all the different options available or how to go about them as I only have one lifetime and I'm far too stoned to type well enough but if you tell us what your goals are and what you have to work with I'm sure plenty here will be able to give you a guiding hand :)

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I'll hit the Murray with a splash this arvo... taking my nephew out to the local tribal meeting place. Swim and a little bit of culture thrown in ;)


Makes me feel a bit sorry for the SA's... all of northern vic is swimming in the river and peeing in the water that will eventually come out of peoples taps.

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