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Need help.

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OK.Here's my problem.I would like to start growing in the spring,and I need to know what strain would be the best for my area.


I live in a woodland area with lots of hills and very rocky soil(I'm talking soil that you need a pick axe to dig in).During the spring there is typically a lot of rain.Yeild isn't really a big concern,because I just need enough to get myself and two other people through the year.I need something that is pretty sturdy,can deal with temperatures from just slightly above freezing to hot summer temperatures,and handle a lot of water.Also something that can grow in slightly shady conditions would be ideal,as concealment is an issue.

Thanx in advance.

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Well, the soil's very fertile, but it's also very rockey. There's a few people that grow around here, but from what I've tried it's all harsh, nasty, headache weed. I really think finding the right strain is going to be a matter of experimentation rather than research, because I've went through every site, book, and magizine I could get my hands on to find something right for this terrain and weather conditions, and nothing seems to meet more than half of those requirements.
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