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If by "bug spray", you mean the avg can of pest killer from the supermarket with chemical pesticides inside, then yeah, there's heaps of ways... :D


You can discourage insects using various natural plant extracts and preparations, you can also kill them using some, like derris or pyrethrums, you can utilise bacterium to parasitise the insects that are pests to you, like Bacillus Thuriengenisis, or Dipel...


You can also companion plant, something like garlic or marigolds, grown nearby your plants to mask their scent from the attacking insects, or even actively repel them as some herbs are known to do...


You can employ many different methods of getting rid of, or excluding bugs from the grow room, or growing plot outdoors. Have a bit of a search on the boards and you should find a few organic methods here, as well as many others which are employed to get rid of the nasties from your lovely mj crop. The pests and diseases forum would likely be a good read too. :P


Hope that helps. :P

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True that^ I've been one lucky bastard ... well thats not 100% true

I work hard to keep a clean environment in my grow area . I keep my plants healthy thats another factor ... other than a few fungas gnats

here & there I've done fine ..... 4 - NOW ..


but ya neem oil is great stuff ..... if you want to rid your plants

the organic way try the neem. ......

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