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Agung Euro-Style Side Slide Bong Question

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Hi All,


I'm thinking of purchasing an Agung Side Slide bong from OzBongs and have a question regarding adding extra attachments.


I'm thinking of buying a pre-cooler and charcoal filter which all up weighs about 100 grams and as the cone piece on this bong is on the top, it might cause some balance issues. Just wondering if anyone has this bong and knows if this is an impractical set up?


Also, anyone have any thoughts as to what the best bong set up (pre coolers, charcoal filters, diffusers, etc) is to remove as much heat and harshness from the smoke? I have pretty weak lungs and standard bongs often leave me in coughing fits. I have moved on to a vapourizer which is much better for my throat but I find it doesn't have much oomph unless followed with another method of smoke (joint, pipe or bong).



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Heyo Eddie. The unit you have linked to is more a concentrate type unit for hash. It would probably not be big enough to support a chamber and filter. The unfortunate thing about buying online is that you can't walk into the shop , look around and see what fits where. An almost ideal setup is a bottle ashcatcher with a slit diffusor downstem on a bong with a multi-hole diffusor downstem. The slit diffusor in ashcatcher will not clog up with particles like the multi-hole units do. Lots of bubbles and lots of ice makes for a very smooth smoke. It's always best to pay a bit more for your glass but you don't need a roor. Ozbongs are great, with excellent customer service . Everyonedoesit in UK are reliable as well. Checkout weed*star and Molino , both send to Australia no problems. I hope this helps and good luck on your search.



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