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could these be gnats?

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The picture isn't that crash hot, but they are these little flys look like sand flys with little black bodies.


I was going to water tomorrow should i add some of this neem oil i have and how much per liter?




just had a look under my 60x loup 


black body 2 antennae 6 legs 2 wings lighter nearly transparent 

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Picture is pretty bad, but more than likely they are gnats.

Isn’t there any type of dosage directions on the bottle ?

I am sure others here will have used the product you have and will help.

Gnats are a very common problem. :doh: 

I only use neem as a surface spray.

I mix 2ml of neem oil, 2 drops of tea tree oil, 2 drops of detergent in a 500ml sprayer.

This controls the odd gnat that escapes the bacterial control used in my medium..... :greedy: 




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Hey mate,


Can't tell from that pic, but more than likely. First up let the medium dry out a bit longer between feeds (mainly top 1/3rd)


Secondly that isn't neem oil, that's eco oil, A good spray for crawlers like aphids/mealy won't do much at all for the larvae of the gnats, might kill a few adults if you hit em with it.


Get some neem oil mix it in with your nutes think its like 1ml/L and drench ya medium

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I use and recommend Gnat Off.


to break the cycle use at no more than 10 days apart and feed to the root zone @ 1ml per liter.

It's totally organic, definately works.


This stuff won't kill the adults but it kill the larvae at birth and that stops any damage to the Roots of your plants.


If you want to kill the adults, Mozzie coils work well with no ill effect to the plants

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When using neem you can safely use atleast 2x the recommended dose; i'd advise doubling up. If you cant buy gnatoff try this .... apply neem

at 2x recommended dose. Let medium dry out for 2 days and then when watering the plant next feed at normal strength neem. Dry out the medium again 10 days after your dry it out initially. Use yellow insect strips; thread a few around the base of your plant. Once the medium dries out the gnats go apeshit trying to find wet decomposing root matter and you will find a god damn swarm of them around the base of your plant at this time so make sure the yellow sticky strips are in place. Breaking their egg/larval cycle is key. If you can buy gnatoff, dont bother completely drying out your medium, infact dont let it dry out; continually reapply gnatoff every 5 days. In 2 weeks or so they wont be fucking with you. If you want gnatoff to seem economical.... Take 5mls of straight gnatoff solution and add it to a corn syrup liquid culture. Shake and incubate; let it develop and then just use the liquid culture instead of the gnat off.




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Why use gnat off so often rl? It will inhibit all the larvae in the mediums ability to eat killing them off.


I would consider an economical way of using it to work out enough solution at the recommended dose of 1ml/l to drench just the top 1/3rd of your pots. That will kill larvae, ensuring the coco or other medium is dry before next feed will not allow adult larvae to have successful larvae breaking the cycle.




adding a myco product to soil and letting it complete proper wet and dry cycle from the time of potting up is the most economical of all ways to go about gnat control as well as incredible plant growth good bang for ya buck, all imo ofcourse

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Get yourself some GNATROL, it is specialised Bacillus thuringiensis, subsp. Israelensis product.

Has a very high concentration of Bacillus

It will have no negative effects, except on gnat larvae :jedifight 

I mix a little into my medium before potting up or add it to existing pots during a feed.

Gnats are like the Tasmanian tiger in my grow now, the odd reported sighting, proof yet to be found :thumbsup: 

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