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Rising Suns Guerilla Grow

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Hi I am going to start a new thread outlining my experiences with guerilla growing in the land of the rising sun.

First I am going to write about site and seed selection.

I live in a rural part of Japan, and have access to a fair bit of mother nature. Im at about 36N

Using my bicylce and car I have found 2 spots that I think that would be good for growing.

No 1. the river.

I live next to a river and on the banks of the river it is pretty wild and can be a little bit steep. using the deadly treadly I have discovered what I think is a good spot to grow. It is in a very secluded area on the top of the river bank. The river is quite wide in this area. I am going to grow on the top of the bank which cannot be seen from the river itself because of the scrub and or large pine tree's. This was important because in august there will be alot of fly fisherman on the river. There is no access point to the river near where I am going to grow because of the steepness of the bank. There is one 100 meters away but has been used as a rubbish dump and is possibly an abandoned homeless persons site. There is still a tent there. For these reasons I think that where I am it will be OK for a few plants. It also rains alot and I thought the steepness of the bank would allow for good draininage.

No.2 the mountain

There are also mountains nearnby where I live. About a 40 minute drive from my house is my no.2 location. this is on an old forestry road that is half blocked off. On a west facing slope that is also quite steep I plan to put a few plants. This site could be good because of the elevation 500m plus should reduce the impact of the humidity which will be around 90 percent for three months through the summer. it will get alot of direct sun. However I can only visit about twice a month because of the distance.

I will take photo's to try and provide a more accurate picture of the locations and soil profile.

Strain Selection

I have choosen two strains

Mighty mite x Peak 19/AK47

Early misty from nirvana

I chose the first because it sounded like it would be a fairly strong indica. My main concern with this strain is that if the buds are dense it might be susceptable to mold. So on the mountain may be the best place for this. Maybe the top of the river which is a 30 metre raise might also attract some breezes during summer which may help with the mold situation.

I chose the early misty because I am a skunk fan and I thought it might finish a little early and have a more sativa type grow.

I invite all Ozstoners for their opinions on what i have written so far.

I plan to grow about five good females so will put down about 15-20 seeds.

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Thank you I'll need it.

Im thinking now that I will start germinating the seeds a little later in the season, maybe sometime in May, to keep the plants smaller which should help avoid being noticed in the bush.

I only need personal so If I get five females that finish around one or two feet high that should be at least five plus ounces dried.

Does anyone have any experience with Mighty mite?

I have been doing a little research into the strain and I am thinking it has some ruderlais in it becuase of this auto flowering characteristics.

Would this be correct?


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seeds germinated, at the second node and growing Got ten from 18 not the best results but once I found a good seedling mix things picked up.


After I have planted outside then I will post the photos of seeds, and seedlings.

Does anyone recomment planting outdoor in pots with big holes to allow for drainage and root growth. I think this would keep other plants for competing for nutrients with my plants? Any ideas?

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another shot of the seeds

bottom left is nirvana early misty sourced from www.seedsdirect.to

above that is the skunkno1 also from seeds direct

on the right is the might mite x peak/ak47 from hygro seeds sourced from heavens stairway in Canada


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