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At last. Edible leaf butter

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Hate wasting anything! Had several bags of leaf left from last summers grow and was considering turning it to compost when I had an idea. I don't like sweet stuff so not keen to make any kind of cake or biscuit.


Leaf Butter Garlic Bread


Put a stainless bowl over a big pot of water, fill with leaf and a mix of real butter and olive oil. Let the double boiler do its work for an hour or so then strain the oil.


Add plenty of garlic, dried mixed herbs or oregano. I put in a dash of hot dried chilli. Mix it up with a fork - this, along with the oil, stops the butter settling into layers of oil and milk solids.



Rather than the old style garlic bread wrapped in foil, use a turkish loaf ($1.29 Aldi) split longways and opened out. Spread liberally with butter then cook in very hot toaster oven for 10 mins or so,  until brown and crisp. Bread rolls would work just as well.


Very tasty and masks the disgusting taste of leaf. 


This is sort of a variation on Burner's croutons; same principle.


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No big secret... just rinse off the impurities after straining the leaf. Then you don't need disguise the taste with garlic, herbs or chocolate because the disgusting taste went down the drain with the rinse water.


And it worked very well, thanks for asking.


Btw, you're wrong.

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