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White Widow... I Know There Are A Few...

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Hi all. This goes out to those home growers who've thrown a "white widow" plant in their indoor garden. Can anyone confirm some of the more likely appearances and flowering times? I've heard a few different things, one of them being that they need a full 10wks to flower with the last two being majority trichome development....


Now, I dunno if it's true or not, I'd just like to get some opinons about the characteristics of WW if they'd grown it, what they thought were best methods and timings for it, etc. There may be few true answers to these questions, I know, it's all a very individual thing, but any advice on this would be great.


Cheers. :wacko:

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I've grown the white label white widow, but they're F2's at best. The phenotypes were varied, with one looking more indica and one more sativa. The indica pheno was a good yield and excellent smoke, and looked right on the money at 10 weeks. All of them stretched a lot in bloom. And stunk, a bit like wee or something. I'd luv to get my hands on one of shantibaba's but have curtailed overseas purchasing nowdays. For all I can see from checking pictures, it looked pretty close to the white widow I bought in Amsterdam, but then it all looks alike in the end.



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Oh, and thanks for the tips there vas, I've been interested in knowing if this is a specific pheno or could be identified, as it's supposed to be an oooold clone strain passed on down the years. So I could have meself a nice piece of genetics on my hands.


But as you said, they all look the same in the end, (cept for jase's, that's just scary shit) and it's the smoko that matters.


Thanks again for all the opinions, I'll keep everyone updated in my grow thread. :P

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Hi LSW,yep your right,the Aloha WW 98 is the father of the Blue widow,made by NCGA.Its a beauty that strain,ive just made my own and started the f1s the other day,so itll be interesting to see how they compare,as the AWW female i use in breeding has an excellent GCA and carries alot of her best attributes over to the resulting hybrids,and is a nice one to hybridize then backcross.If you want weed like that AWW,get it from the aloha seedbank man,its not the same vintage,but the same male was used apparently.

Your WW is still looking nice man,like you say,its the job it does,not how it l;ooks man :P

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