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You're gonna have to forgive me if this is the wrong forum for this topic.. Please let me know !


I am attaching some pics of some plants a mate of my sons has started he is, like me New to this Growing (as opposed to Using ;)

He found out that I was terminal and looking to find a Good Pain Relief Smoke, so he got hold of some seeds and here he (we) are.

ALL of them were put in the seed raising mix at the exact same time, yet some seem stunted/small, some are 'tween 3-5 " in height others 1-1.5"... (??) They are 3 weeks old at the moment.

The seeds were gathered from some friend of his and he was told they could be up to 3-4 years old..


If anyone can offer advice from the pics it really would be appreciated, Do they need trimming,. Nutrients in water..  ..  etc:

I have NO idea if they are at transplanting stage or what.

Like I said..

ANY advice welcomed.













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I would have to say, for seedlings in a pretty ordinary potting mix, they look the picture of health.


At the moment I would suggest you do nothing to the plants that are in obviously damp soil. For the ones that look dry on the surface, dig down a couple of inches and check the soil moisture. If it's dry two knuckles down, pick up the pot and feel the weight... if it is ready to water the pot will feel reasonably light for it's size.


Make sure all containers have adequate, clear drainage holes. When you water you need to let approx 10% of the water run through the pot and out the drain holes. Drain the pots with their bases raised up on one side (so the base is on an angle). With small pots I used to swing the pot to drain the excess water.


Never leave the pots sitting in saucers of water and don't water again until it's dry a couple of inches down into the potting mix and the pot feels reasonably light for it's size.


Your plants don't need any food at the moment.


Keep an eye on them, when the lower leaves begin to lighten in colour you will need to feed. A cheap and easy feed can be bought at the supermarket. Fish emulsion for base nutrient and seaweed extract for trace elements. Begin with 1/4 of the dose suggested on the bottle for vegetables and build the strength up slowly, over a few feeds.


Never exceed the dose specified on the bottle.


Feed once a fortnight. Feed more frequently (ie once a week) if yellowing persists.


None of your plants needs potting up or trimming.


Once a plant has grown enough that it's leaves exceed the rim of the pot and there are roots present at the drain holes, it is ready to pot up. If you intend to use a store bought potting mix, choose one designed to fast growing vegetables and mix it with about 20% by volume of perlite... preferably chunky perlite, but fine perlite is better than nothing.


That's about it for the next few months... all the best :D

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Thanks for the quick replies..The following are answers to the comments made in the reply and are from the guy who is actually growing them..

They get a 200ml watering once a week.. Do not sit in saucers etc:,Draining is at 100%...The Seed Raising mix is from Bunnings Garden Shop..(You're right it is VERY Average) altho they do seem to be thriving in it ;) ...

They also get a serving of Seasol every 3 weeks or so...(Bit less that 1/2 recommended dose)..

Thanks again..now it's back to reading everything I can to try and make this work ;) 'cause I Really would like to cut down on the amount of S8 Authority meds I Have to take to even just take the top off the pain at times.. ..

As I do not know anyone up here I am flying blind with sourcing anything I would like to get again, If you know what i mean.. Mostly Crap Leaf..

The plan is to eventually get some good starter seeds and breed up my own Effective supply...



.. DreamBandit ..

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