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well yesterday whilst visiting the Eastlands Off Ya Tree, i was browsing as u do, :P *drools..so many bongs* and looked into a display cabnet and saw an odd looking stem and cone...


we asked the guy behind the counter "what is this madness?!" and it was a stem that had a spring in it the automaticly stoked the cone! i thought...how wickid is that!? :D of course i didnt buy it, $20 for when i can buy 20 packs of skewers or a coathanger...


but it was very cool none the less :wacko:


anyone else seen any new things that have come into the smoking world?

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It's funny how you say that for $20 you can buy 20 packs of skewers etc. Cause I have the same problem sometimes...I go into our local smoking shop and would just love yo buy another bong, pipe, muller etc. But find myself thinking...well for that $30 I could get some more weed and just use what I have atm. :wacko:. A bong is a necessity and when I find a properly priced one....I shall buy it. At our local country store it's like $40 for a really crap bong. I'm waiting for my next trip to Joynt venture....But they are selling mullers there ( at our local) for nearly $30 and personally I can't part with weed money for that :D. I guess it changes when you have your own grow, huh? I shall soon experience that... :P



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