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Bong Or Pipe?

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Pipes are good to carry somewhere for a smoke.

Bongs are my preferred way when Iam at home.

but I also enjoy a joint every now and then.

Pipeman said about a vape, and this is one thing that interests me. I made a home made one once using a light bulb and glass tube but as much as I tried I just couldnt get stoned off it until I burnt the weed??

well a buzz but not a stone.



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hey Ferenge, be interested to see pics if ya can. vapours you can actually see like smoke, so you may think you're burning but not. who knows. need to grind your herb real fine and spread on heated surface for best effect. but really vapes work best with hash and oil. lot less wasteful than bongs or pipes
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Guest niall

I've got to say I prefer a good pipe, but they're hard to find. Metal ones just don't do, the best bowlfuls I've had have been in old Petersons. I like to have a quiet, relaxing smoke - having to worry about water, spillages, breakages, not being mobile.... there's nothing quite like a *good* pipe :wacko:


I've got a glass spoon, and while it isn't the best design (it actually whistles with or without the shotty closed, damn annoying!) it's nice to see your smoke. I prefer a LARGE bowl - wide and deep with a gentle curve, not these tiny little one-hit cones with 45degree sides... And you need decent filtration for particles and ash. It's no wonder traditional tobacco pipes are so good, if you ever have the chance to try one you might be surprised at how nice they can be. Most cannabis pipes ruin the flavour and have no filtration, so many cheap nasties out there... It's no wonder pipes aren't popular these days :P


If I'm smoking a bong it's bubblehash on the rocks all the way :D

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