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Which High is the best for sex  

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They are all different.

Here's my interpretation ( using the WC model ).


Weed: "Oh my penis is a thrusting love missile with sensitive receptors all over it"...Ohh god..(comes )......I'm sleepy"


Acid: "wow, my dick looks like a strange alien. it's bending and breathing, and this chick is starting to look like a lizard... "


E: My whole body has become a penis. I love this woman with all my heart and soul. Everything is perfect. Ahhhhhh'


Mushrooms: "Let's have sex", "no, let's swim through the carpet, then have sex". "ok"


Speed: " I am the sex god, go, go ,go...I wish i could come sometime soon though".


"why is dick so small and shrivelled?"


Straight: "Who are you thinking about sweetheart?"

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Personally I think that cannabis works better than viagra.


I'm an old hippy woman what do I know.

We only found out that women could have orgasms in the 60's....doesn't mean men knew how the plumbing worked. :D!!!

Smoke a little pot and it was like Columbus discovering America!!!


healing energy and lovingkindness


Sequoia ::wacko::

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E is no biggie? i heard its the danky danks .....whatever though..

i still wanna try e, fry my head up some ;D


I think if i did it on shrooms....i dont know, that would be like mission status. i would be like...lets have sex.....wait....i dont know....wait....i have so much shit just rushing into my fuckin head right now....what the fuck....ok lets have sex.


when you guys do shrooms do you guys think about like 500 things a second? cause i couldnt fuckin stop thinking. madden is the shit on shrooms. and....eating popcorn is wierd.



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