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Saying Yes: In Defence Of Drug Use.

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I picked up this little gem by pure accident at the local library. I was wandering past the "drugs" section and noticed a bright white book with bold red lettering on the side. It grabbed my attention again when I pulled it out and a lovely little joint was the only picture on the cover.


Was it just a book about pot? No, although the criminalisation of pot and the effects of this plays a part in the whole of his discussions, and he does it well.


The basic premise of the book is the rational dismatlement of the idea that some drugs have the power to enslave you, and the notion of "hard" and "soft" drugs is given a good going over. It provides some remarkable insights into the realities of drug use in western society, and shows that not only is the prohibitionary argument wrong, it's based on what he's termed,"voodoo pharmacology".


Here's a breif excerpt from it, about the idea that we require medical or religious exceptions to enjoy our drugs of choice, whatever they may be...


Seeking a medical or religious exemption from drug prohibition amounts to asserting that my use of this substance is important, that it deserves respect in a way that more frivolous uses do not....The urge to offer such excuses is based on the sense that drug use is morally suspect without an elaborate and serious sounding defense....Wine drinkers generally do not feel compelled to proclaim that their beverage was endorsed by God, that it relieves anxiety or reduces their risk of heart disease. They simply say, "I like a nice glass of wine."



Check this book out, it may well open your mind a little further than you thought it could be, and you may be quite shocked about the real face of illicit and licit drug use, and the arguments given about it.


It doesn't really explore the reasons behind the prohibition of drugs, but it does go into history a little, and overall it gives the reader the impression of a well researched, and excellently thought out and considered book. I would heartily encourage every member to get it out as soon as you can, read it from cover to cover, and let me know if you view drugs the same after reading it. :D


I give it a 4 and a half cones out of 5, but only losing the half point because as a stoner, I found it hard to get the book the right way up without anything but a joint on the cover. :wacko:

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