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Hydrosyph watering system for remote grows?

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Just picked up a 5 pack of these for just under $40 delivered.  Looks like a great way to deliver water slowly to the root system of plants.  I'm about to trial a couple on some fruit trees I'm planting and then, if they work OK, planning to use them for some bush grows this summer.  [i will have to cart in water as don't have the luxury of an available water source in our bush!].   Not sure that 10L would last for 6 weeks during the hottest part of our summer, but it should be pretty efficient when delivering the moisture below ground.  And will hopefully allow me the luxury of leaving plants unattended for a week or two.


Anybody used them?


I've used ecobags in the past [on fruit trees] and they didn't work terribly well for me so hopefully these will be better.


And another idea I came across...



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years ago i tried to make a auto water setups for plants, the only thing i could think of at the time, bird cage budgies water drinker refiles to the same level, no mater how much they drink, so trying to replicate that, the auto feed thing to gorilla grow there must be something to be had a good start so i learned from that ideas and after a day of playing around i found a way to replicate to hydro auto setups, i was proud as  i made it, even being a stoner  and no one else never even thought or heard about it, i even showed a hydro shop friend, he was spun out, as timers valves pumps and auto hydro products he made is money from, this worked as good but cost peanuts in my case $1 au dollar per unit  and bypassed the hydro setups in full with no bad points that he could see.


1- i found if you fill a 25lt drum with water and run garden hose from a hole made in the bottom of the drum ,if the  garden hose without any leaks and fully sealed connection from the hose into the drum  is needed leaks completely fail,  the hose connection and the drum lid must sealed, anyway the drum contented to the  the tray it works perfectly when the water level reached above the garden hose, the water flow stopped, then when plants draw and drink if the water level refill until the water level raised above the garden hose, it stopped again so it effectively made a self watering system complexly auto until the drums dry  the setup looked relay viable.


2- reservoir hydro platform, i found Styrofoam boxes from woollies for $1 au dollar,work great, so the shape of the reservoir seemed great ,so if you make a hole halfway up the Styrofoam box you could run the garden hose through the box and the hose run full length to the o the end of the box,then the hose rested on the bottom of the box,  so if you cut 6 holes in the Styrofoam box lid with 6 pots fitted snug and sealed great, with it being a very sealed unit, , evaporation was contained great as a enclosed system stopped evaporation sealed all sides and the lid also with not much evap, water goes much further, i then learned you could run any number of drums to any unit so auto feed a and auto water you could auto grow for 6 months more i ran 3 drums to one unit it lasted a full 5 month grow, and about 3\4 of a drum remained of water

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I'll tell a story relating to my endeavours. I talk frequently to my old master/guru about techniques, theories, etc to see what he's seen work and compare/contrast. I prompted him to cut multiple bits of poly pipe, drill holes in and put vertically into his outdoor beds at a depth of about 200mm when, after I'd been discussing my watering things+little bits of pipe I have in the ground at about 100mm deep, he remembered that when they used to water in a similar way (but water straight into the pipes) and their plants pumped. Oxygen at the root level is what's helping here. I have some pipes doing a similar thing but I don't water through them, my little cones do my watering and the compost heap I call my bed seems to love it.
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i have seen a strange thing happen, i wouldn't recommended, as i only seen it once and further testing was never done,  maybe a small test subject 1 small plant to the side of a crop maybe,  it could be of use,   reflux has goon the swamp weed grow ops for many years now, and wouldn't do it any other way, anyhow at 1 grow op i ran out of per lite on one location,  so i harvested a heap of reads and chopped them up, as a soil conditioner, and to my surprise,  instead of adding air to the site, it, almost killed %20 of the plants,, and slowed down grow rates for the remanding plants,  they suck up water like the most hardcore wicks i ever seen, it made the wet soil even wetter, a mistake il never let happen again, but to my surprises also they did not break down, like other organics which  i have never seen,

, which raises 2 questions


1--why they didn't they  break down like other organics would, i can only guess here, but have put some thought about it because it came from the same location so genetically means it would have a natural high immune to the local bugs and soil yes,


2-- there is one other thing i have seen at other locations,most swamp sites have reads, which usually means water, the first thing i do is bring back soil and  water  sample home for PH testing, as its the first step to analize before going hard at it , before looking further into it, other sited with the same reads living there  have seen soil tested  with a high  PH level of 9,  which i thought it tested to high and moved to a different location, now the soil at this site was soil  PH of 5.5, after lime it works the fastest growth ive ever seen  but maybe the reads alone may have also be hi PH, could or would that be a factor that may be the reason why the reads  didnt break down, and  slow down the decompression rate, logically thinking a  PH of say 9, increases major nute in releasing better than micro nutes ,  micro nutes get looked up in plants it wouldn't effect organics from breaking down  ts  yes wont major nutes would be the engine to break matter down yes and  micro nutes inhibit plant growth not soil growth but wouldn't affect organics breaking down in soil 

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Bought five of these and it seems like a pretty simple design. Have attempted to make some myself using the same "wick" system with strips of old tshirt fed through plastic tubing. Have placed one end in a 20 litre plastic cube full of water and the other end in the soil. Will have to wait and see how it goes. Am away on holidays for 7 days so cant water my girls. Fingers crossed the home made jobs work
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