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Neville's Haze Indoors Anyone?

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Time has come to try and grow some nevs haze indoors.

Has anyone tried growing under lights?

I have been told to start seeds under 12 hrs strait away....good idea?

Also the use of bonza bud and the likes to stop the stretch factor.....any other suggestions for a first time indoor sativa grow?



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thanks man...

I am attempting to grow a sativa and my usual indica based strain under the same light.

Sounds like a handfull I know...but fuck it I'll give it a go and see what happens. I thought I would introduce the haze when I change the lights to flowering mode for my usual grow and continue with a12 hr cycly after the indica has finished.


Keep yooze posted



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man iam stoned but here the plan


forget about it in your room build a new one.

why use nevils haze i assume this is personal so a large yeild isnt important cause iam thinking sativa indoors isnt going to be comersail anyway.


why not a interesting strain like the aussi bangladesh sativa or some other great aussi sativa or chase some africian genetics with thcv in it maybe durban or swazi


for a grow room you want a cool tube vertical tunnel scrog using say 4 75watt mh with 3 uvc lizard lites around the tube 420 watts or less cheap power bearing in mind you will be running the bitch for 5to 6 mounths at least forget mutating bonza bud or the like my mate couldnt stop a sativa stretch with it anyway.have a fan at the bottom using the chimney afect to cool the grow go organic coco of course dwc of nft her wouldnt help good sativas need there time to acheaive potency as well as mature.star tthe lizard lights before the main in the morning and turn them off after the hids in the afternoon reducing hours to 10 even by the end certainly less the 11.5.It is rumoured that plants grow in the day time and make thc at night anyway. as the plants grow maybe 2 maybe 4 depending on the sise of your scrog tunnel.weave the plants around the tunnel scroging the grow shoots through thescreen .you may need to make the tunnel smaller at the top.


ya laughin :peace:

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