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Baby Plants Budded

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Yes it will keep growing, but not much, might end up a foot or so tall. But that's no reason to toss it. I had one do that to me at about six inches, kept it going and ended up with two inches of stem and a twelve inch bud as thick as a cob of corn. Just keep feeding and watering. After all the only thing you're missing out on is some stem and shadies! lol
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yeah mate,


looks like shes got a coupla good weeks left till finish.

give it a fert with some high potassium nute like manutec bloom booster or some potassium sulphate. lol just be sure to give it straight water the last 10 days or so to flush out the chemicals that havebuilt up in the plants system.


nice lookin little head though mate. should smoke up nicely lol

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See the top? It is stretching. It only started to bud because it detected the days, up till recently, to be around 12 hrs. In Australia right now, we have at least 14 hrs of daylight. Let it grow. You will have a 3ft+ baseball bat by the middle/end of march.





never pull if in doubt. ask OSA

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I agree. What size pot is it in? If appropriate, re-pot into a bigger pot, and give it nitrogenous ferts. The plant will not finish until March, as stated, but at least now you know it is female. It wants to reveg, by the looks of it. Let it. You have 6-8 weeks left of the best growth to come from the season.
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