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12 Pot Kit "the Dirty Dozen"

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hey guys,


just came across this while searching grow.com.au......


12 Pot Kit "The Dirty Dozen"


The Biggest Wide Gulley MegaHead in the family will make easy work out of producing 3 - 5lb every 10 weeks. PLUS a Free Nutritec Cloning Kit & 1000 Watt light upgrade!1000 Watts – 115,000 Lumens over entire table


12 plants per crop

Harvest every 60 – 80 Days

4 Oz to 6 Oz per plant per cycle

Pot System requires less maintenance and is easier to use

Full Accessories Included - nothing else to purchase

Description RATING Order Code Price (inc.GST)

MegaHead 12 Pot System“The Dirty Dozen” GROW322 $1699.50

Size 2.0 x 1.2m x 600mm (Height)

Expected Yield 48 – 70 Oz

Lighting Source 1 x Dual Spectrum 1000 Watt


What Do You Get?


Some of the Accessories you receive with any MegaHead System.

With the ultimate grow system you receive a Full MegaHead NFT or Pot Kit as shown, Complete with Base, Frame and all Plumbing. You also receive a Thermostatically Controlled Nutrient Heater,1700 Lph Nutrient Pump, 50 Litre Nutrient Reservoir 1KG set of MonstaGrow & MonstaBloom Nutrients, MegaBud™ Maximum Flowering Additive, pH Control Kit, Free Upgrade to New Technology 1000 Watt Metal Halide Dual Spectrum Lighting Control Gear, Our Premium 1000 Watt Dual Spectrum Lamp & Reflector, Growing Pots, Growing Media, even Hanging Chain for your Light and some Reflective GrowFilm to Surround and Protect Your Valuable Plants. These systems will develop around 120,000 Lumens (light) over every plant and with that sort of power up top, your powerful pump will provide pH monitored, temperature controlled nutrients at over a litre per minute. What else are they going to do? They have no choice but to MegaHead. Expect (and enjoy) extreme yields.



By spending $1700 wouldn't you be a millionare by doing it this way?


What are some cheaper ways of going about this setup?


I have stumbled into unknown territory once again my friends, so bare with me.



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thats alot of money for sumthing you can do real simply yourself. and the yields they quote are an absolute load of shit. I'd be very suss of a company quoting such bullshit yields.


You could make sumthing yourself alot cheaper, or buy sumthing from your local hydro shop cheaper, I'd take a look around the site for DIY crops, and at other hydro stores, for sum decent prices before you throw your money away.

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Hey guys,


I done some research and found another site that offers grow chambers.


GROW CHAMBERs <!---- click here to view


Its not as fancy as the GROW FRIDGE but these grow chambers are only a fraction of the price.


And anyone dealt with these guys before ?? Im thinking of buying some Thermometer/ humidity Metre (digital)

LARGE GROW CHAMBER PACKAGE measures 1500mm High x 700mm Wide x 700mm Deep, the Large Grow CHamber Package comes complete with easy to assemble Chamber, 125mm exhaust fan, simple 2 x 10" Hydro-Pak Hydroponic Kit with Add On Kit (See the Kits Page for more detail), 400W MH or HPS White Wing light kit and timeswitch. The Large Grow Chamber Package has everything the beginner grower needs to grow 4 or more plants to maturity and is commonly used for growing mother plants for cloning.


all for $680-00.


i think i have found a winner, it doesn't look as conspicious as the fridge, but it is cheaper and alot bigger.

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heh that grow.com.au site looks really suss, and as said the prices and yield quotes are over the top, u can buy all that stuff yerself much cheaper.. i dunno, i wouldnt trust mike and tracy lol they prolly suck heaps of people in and rip em off tho, just a business tho... dont they have mj leaves on the pages???? isnt that a bit suss also? wouldnt a thought the cops would be down with that...
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