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cloning after flowering

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Yes you can, but they need to revert back to a grow cycle (18/6) and this can stress them out heaps. Reverting them back to 18/6 as clones has risks, in some cases a few of mine have turned hermie, I believe due to the stress.

I have had better success revegging the plant. Then taking clones from the new growth that has developed under 18/6, then placing those clones under an 18/6 light.

Personally I like to take clones in 18/6 just before changing to 12/12 rather than at the end.

But like its been said before "Everybody has their own ways."



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Revegging/cloning; Its wise to increace the humidity by using an humidity dome (7days ish). The turn around time from bud to reveg will be strain effected. That is, the sativa dominant varieties will take a bit longer to reveg, where as an indica dominant variety will reveg in a shorter period. Hence, there is no point at all in reveging a 24 week flowering Tai variety.

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