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Hey all,

Ok maybe this is just paranoia kicking in lol

But my plants little buds are tiny! and sticky as shit .

I'm in Victoria (western) and wondering how much longer they have to grow thick?

Its got me worried that i'll be left with all these tiny buds!

Any ideas waht ferts i could apply while flowering? lol

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Get a fertiliser that is low in nitrogen(N), and high in phosphorus(P) and potassium(K). I use Manutec "Bloom Booster" for preference. Depending on the variety you are growing the buds could take anywhere between eight to twelve weeks or even longer. As well some varieties only grow small buds anyway. The stickyness is a good sign though, that's the resin coming out! lol
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yeah loftly'


don't sweat it too much man.


i've got some sats still in the ground with prob a good 6 weeks left till harvest lol


It's surprising how much the buds thicken up in the last few weeks of ripening.


and yeah i reckon manutec bloom booster is great. have used it fa years lol


At a guess, how many weeks do ya reckon before she should be ready?

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