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Whats a good weed for motivation and thinking about stuff. I always enjoy smoking pot because it gets me all creative and busy. I've heard that some pot puts people to sleep. I've never been much into smoking myself stupid. Usually just a few cones and top ups later on when I start straightening up. I enjoy drawing and building things with my hands. Conversation, tv or a movie is good too but mostly I like to get heavily into a project. So whats a good mind weed? :mellow:
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Can't get specific about strains but you'd be leaning towards Sativa rather than Indica. I have only grown Sativa dominants and do everything from housework to drawing/writing under it's up influence. The idea of a "couch lock" stone just sounds boring to me - it you're that sedated then changing the TV channel is going to be a challenge. You're not the first person to ask about a "motivational" strain. All I can say is you're either motivated or your not but weed can certainly lend me more enthusiasm for washing the dishes and mowing the lawn and will quiet the inner critic that it so often a factor in the creative process. Hope this helps.
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lol Hi guys, indica is more of a "couch-lock", sativa strains are livelier. Our site is currently "down" 'cause we're changing servers at the moment. But we at: www.oregonfree.com have compiled some extensive "strain-guide" research and we even have some professional breeders on our board. PLEASE FEEL FREE to come visit. Any questions will gladly be answered as you all do here. The invite is OPEN!

Chong; you Are one enlightened fellow. I compliment you on your attitude.

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Chong; you Are one enlightened fellow. I compliment you on your attitude.


Tell that to my ex-wife.


My new picture of Vin Diesel is working then. I thought it might lend me an air of credibility. Sweet.


Thanks for the link. Thats a great idea setting up a strain guide. We are living in pioneering times aren't we. I'm sure there are a few other blokes trying to do the same thing but theres so much to study. Any idea how many strains there are in the World? New ones come out every year now. Researchers reckon that cannabis is one of the oldest domesticated plants. Yet the Government is wearing blinkers. I think we've hardly scratched the surface in trying to understand all the industrial, medicinal and psychological benefits of this biomass. When it comes to cannabis strains I'm a child lost in the wilderness. I'll go check out 'oregonfree.com' now. See what I can learn.

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Or maybe not. Its still down. I'll check it out later. God, doesn't that last post sound like an advertisement! :lol:


"So I need OMO for cold washes! Thanks for the advice! I'll go straight to the supermarket and buy a packet of OMO washing powder right now!"





Hey! Did you mean oregongreenfree.com because I'm there now. Nice forums. I just hope OzStoner doesn't mind that you spammed this forum. lol

Edited by Chong
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yea the spam is a bit rude, i think anyways. If it were the first time ive seen the site then hey yea great. but we know its not eh?


But hey its all good, only thing is I couldnt find a strain guide on the site and the grow information that has been put up on the links is not original its all shit I have in a book by George Cervantes.



I also find sativas more engergetic, but just this morning I read that its because of somthing called CBC and CBA or some shit? apparently its the levels of that in the bud that makes the buzz different.

Someones sure to explains what Im trying too lol.

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Interesting. I'll just force feed that 'CBA CBC' down the throat of my search beast and see what it tracks down for me. Might include 'THC' and 'cannabinoids' too. Just so it doesn't start chasing its own tail while spewing out useless lists of regional television stations and bizarre sexually transmitted diseases.


Sweet FA. Two links total.


Canadian Bar Association(CBA) supports canadas 'pot bill'.


“U.S., Canadian police oppose pot bill,” CBC.ca, 28 May 2003.


I'll try them separately.


Ok looks like there are both CBA and CBc cannabinoid receptors.


CBA got 13 results in combination with the other key words while CBc got 476.


476 results.

"no work has been done on the role of CBC ..."



lol research temporarily disabled as a result of broken brain.

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Flo is sum god creative weed, far from potent, its like a drug that gets your brain in high gear for a while, its more like it makes you extra straight than gets you stoned if you know what I mean. I find all weed is creative weed pretty much, smoking weed can straighten your brain to think right sumtimes, but then others can fuck you up, sum sativa dominant strains make me feel quite bored and others make me feel too edgy to be creative, its not just sativas do one thing and indicas do another.


some of the other cannabinoids are.


CBC = cannabichromene

CBD = cannabidiol

CBG = cannabigerol

CBN = cannabinol

THCV = tetrahydrocannabiverol

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Flo and Apollo are now on my shopping list. I like that term 'couchlock'. Succinctly describes what I'm not after. I spent enough years as a zombie working traffic control and security. I want a stone that gives me that new perspective on life and also keeps me keen to explore further. Shit that makes you notice things that hadn't been obvious before. Whenever I'm stoned I become really focused on whatever I'm doing to the detriment of annoying peripheral shit I should also be taking care of but really don't want to. I see this as a good thing. But I only get stoned when I have time to do my own thing. Otherwise I get all pissed off. I'm normally very absent minded and tunnel visioned so pot just makes me even more obsessed with whatever I'm working on.


Did you guys know that some of the great minds of history probably had ADS(Attention Deficit Syndrome) ? Einstein never did well at math but posessed a very open mind and displayed all the symptoms of ADS. So did Edison. The inventor of the lightbulb built hundreds of useless devices before getting lucky with electric lighting. Blew all his money on crackpot ideas.


Closest I ever came to success was a running enhancer. I built these elaboarate wooden frames which acted like an outer skeleton for the lower leg and tried attaching springs. All hand drilled joints with bolts for the levers. Two kinds of steel spring. Compression and Extension working together front and back. I'd tried rubber but found it innefective for the exoskeleton I was working on. Sandpapered down they were beautiful. I cut down strips of tyre for the tread base. Fucking bastards to cut as steel wires are put inside vulcanised rubber.


I got the idea from Kangaroos. Their legs are marvels of natural engineering. They can bound along all day not getting tired because each time they hit the ground the driving energy from the previous leap is stored and then released over and over. Extra long feet for leverage and tendons like steel springs make them awesome locomotives. People are pathetic by comparison. Just like a bicycle can increase our locomotive ability I thought a pair of my running enhancers could accomplish the same thing but be useful over more difficult terrain. It had stability problems but first prototypes rarely ever work. I was convinced I was on the right track though.


Then I watched 'Beyond2000' and there was a new shoe. Reebok had put rubber balls in the heel of running shoes. The heel being the point of contact with the ground when running. It effectively accomplished exactly what I was trying to do. I was pissed as all hell and sick to the stomach. This big company with teams of scientists had beaten me to it. Cunts. :lol:


Another time I tried to design a revolutionary new rocket. Spent weeks drawing up plans for this pulse detonation system. Showed it to some friends in rocket engineering and they congratulated me on reinventing the V1 rocket. lol The pioneering large scale long distance missile which paved the way for the V2 and eventually NASA. Commonly known as the Doodlebug. Again I was heart broken but it was kind of cool to know greater minds had developed such a machine. Even if it was over 60 year ago. It wasn't exactly the same but the principle was and I think the allies overlooked this system when they concentrated solely on the V2 which is entirely different.


Anyway, inventing sucks. Even if you come up with something original and sweat blood developing it and it actually works and nobody steals it you aren't likely to make any money. World wide patents cost an arm and a leg. Without them some bastard in Canada or China or god knows where will copy your idea and then export it to the few countries you do hold patents at. I just do it for fun.


I hope to return to an original flying machine I worked on a few years ago. Bamboo wasn't strong enough. This time I'll try timber.

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