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Choc Coconut Canna Fudge Delectables

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The Bud method:




- 395g can Carnation sweetend condensed milk

- 350g Cadbury dairy milk chocolate

- 1Tbl spoon REAL vanilla essence

- 1cup McKenzie's moist coconut flakes

- 500g Canna Butter (500g butter - 5oz dry sugar leaf/popcorn used to make canna butter, unsure of exact final butter weight)





1. melt chocolate in a saucepan over very low heat.


2. mix in can of condensed milk.


3. when incorporated together, add vanilla.


4. Stir very quickly to avoid burning bottom of saucepan (important step) and continue until mixture is smooth.


5. when above is achieved (not before) take off heat and add Canna Butter.


6. Stir consistenly until all Canna Butter is disolved.


7. Electric hand beater the contents of the saucepan. You will notice that all the Canna Butter oil will be taken up by the mixture and the mixture is a very smooth creamy consistency.


8. Add desicated coconut and continue to electric hand beater until all the coconut has been incorporated into the mixture.


9. Let mixture sit for 1 or 2 minutes while you lightly butter a small shallow tray / pyrex baking dish.


10. Pour mixture onto greased surface and lightly spread evenly.


11. Place into the fridge for 2 to 3 hours until firm/set


12. Remove from fridge and slice into small generous portions (approx 120)


13. Enjoy with ice cream or with a coffee or on its own.



Keep ya fingers Green



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