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OK, so I'm doing a one plant SCROG

4 x 600w HPS


So today was a growth management day, pushing all the growth under my SCROG net, ( HINT: NEVER weave the growth thru the netting, it makes it a bastard come harvest)


It looks really shitty at the moment but by next week all that growth will have turned towards the light and again stretched up growing towards the light.



The other day I went into the room and saw a few white fly so I put up sticky strips to catch the little bastards. I hadn't actually been in the room since.


Today I again entered the room and was meet with a cloud of white flies, they had multiplied........ohhh shit bugger damn. There was at least 100 on both sides of the sticky strips


Upon closer inspection, I found all the top leaves clear and clean,


further away from the light, I found larvae and lots of them.


All of the lower growth I eventually remove anyway for this exact reason. The eggs get too warm closer up and by removing the lower growth I'm reducing the areas for them to lay.



 Next week, when the new growth is established, I'll remove all the lower growth and be spraying to kill of the flies and their eggs, before turning to 12/12



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Cheers for sharing Merl1n, it's nice to have some detailed pest photos with info alongside.


Good luck with the treatment, I'll be following along for sure.


Aside from that what a lovely scrog, looking at that really makes me want to get another one going. All in good time I suppose.


Naycha :peace:

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OK, its been 6 days, but the wife has plans for tomorrow so today was the day


This was my girl last week


And today I hacked all the undergrowth



The plan is to tomorrow (time permitting) spray with pyrethium

The white fly are bad, but by removing the undergrowth I have removed a good 80% of the larvae and their hiding places. This has also reduced the amount of spray required




P.S. Sorry about the pic quality, bit shitty. HPS turned it all yellow

Edited by merl1n
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Hey mate


Holy shit I didn't realise the first time I read this post that you have 4 600s how long that beast been in veg for? That is gonna be one fark off plant. I recon you should take estimations off people on how much the yield will be like when you have to guess how many lollies are in the jar lol.


Nice job man good luck with the bugs



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Thanks Haze, been in veg about 5weeks, I just been too ill to do too much out there, but I'm getting the room under control.

I wanted to wait until the fly treatment was finished before going 12/12. I hate spraying shit on the buds.

As for the estimates, here's pics of the last one


I estimate this crops yield will be more lol



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thats one mother of a plant man!!  i could not stop staring at the pic of the underneath of the scrog.. :crybaby: never have i seen anything like it.... well done Merlin, i hope you nail the white fly.. 


nice work on the 4 x 600's...  :faint:  ya must be able to sit and watch them grow.. lol 


good luck with it all..



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