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Hi there ozstoners.

I,m a long time smoker who's sick of paying top dollar for weed. A week ago i got 8 seeds from my stash and planted them all in one large pot. Now that they have sprouted i would like to keep them going and stop wasting my money. I've been doing alot of reading on the net ( i knew stuff all about growing) and learnt that this is the wrong time of the year to grow, unless it's done indoors. I have a small cupboared in my room that i could use that's about 4" high, 1.5" long and 1.5" deep. I asked a guy in a hydro shop for advice and he suggested a 130W fluoro, but said the plants would only grow between 1-2 feet tall. The upside was that he said with the fluoro i wouldn't need a fan cause there would be no excess heat. Is this right? I would appreciate any advice on what to do, but i have limited money.


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Your grow height will only be about 2ft anyway when you take into account the space used by your pot(s) and light so the 130w fluoro sounds ok for the job

The upside was that he said with the fluoro i wouldn't need a fan cause there would be no excess heat. Is this right?

You will need ventilation, plants need to breathe just as we do and a good supply of fresh air is essential, I would check any grow advice from that source in future.


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Indeed. Ventilation is not an option, it is a necessity. :)


You'd want to pot out those seedlings into individual pots soonish too, as they're only going to grow into each other and make life difficult for themselves. Do it gently tho, you should find some information on the forums about transplanting/repotting.


You can find just about everything related to growing here, so trawl around the site, have a look and a read, you should find what you're after. :D


Welcome to Oz Stoners mate, I'm sure you'll be growing your own weed in no time. :D

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Thanks guys...

I've started transplanting the seedlings into 6" pots, the're about an inch tall and already the roots have gone quite deep. I reckon if i left it any longer it wouldve been to late. I've decided to let them stay outdoors for a while longer mainly because the next few days here are going to be warm, and because i can't decide on an adequate set-up. I think the best way to go would be to get all the vegetave growth done indoors and then taking them outdoors for flowering.(once it gets cold again, i'm in melb.) I now understand how important ventilation is, but i dont want the hassle of a fan. Also i was wonderind how effective an 18watt fluoro is for growing, they sell locally for about $40 including globe and ballast, and the compact fluoro sells for $125 including globe and ballast. Since i'm only going to end up with a couple of plants (after males are disposed) i don't want to go to too much expense. My limit is the $125 for the compact which would leave me nothing for anything else, like fans etc. I read that if i keep the cupboared door open that it would be enough air-flow? Also i was planning on making a basic greenhouse with green shadecloth in the backyard for when the plants start to flower. Would it be possible to put the plants in the greenhouse now for all the lifecycle of the plant? Or should i go with indoor lighting for vegetative growth?

thanks again!

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Get an extraction fan mate, for a small cupboard using CF's you should be able to get by with a couple of 12v PC fans. Avoid leaving the door open as that is how the bugs will get in. The compact fluoro's that you buy in the supermarket are ok for growing with, just try to get a fairly even mix of cool and warm white.


If you need a hand with the design and setup of your cupboard start a topic in the grow room construction forum and you should get all the information you will need plus hints to avoid pitfalls further down the track.


Check out the mother/clone link in my signature, you should find a bit of information there too.

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Yeah, but fit in as many as you can without going overboard, you can also get CF's at Bunnings and other discount stores, raid/buy old lamps and such for the fittings, desk and bed lamps are good as they are easy to remove the shade without having to do any wiring and you can hang them by their cables.


You can just make some out in this picture.


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not a good idea to leave them outside (if your in melbourne) coz the light periods are getting shorter and the darkness period is getting longer. Get the Herald Sun and check the "sunrise" & "sunset" times, and if its close to 12 hours darkness then go buy a light. I live in melbourne & at my local hydro shop a 400watt HPS is only $175 soo im guessing the 250watt (MH or HPS) would be alot cheaper coz the 600watt HPS is $220.


I asked a guy in a hydro shop for advice and he suggested a 130W fluoro, but said the plants would only grow between 1-2 feet tall


That is because the fluro does not give out as much light as the MH & HPS bulbs.




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