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Best strain for 15/20ltr pots?

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Picking a strain is a personal choice.  You need to work out the growing conditions, how much you want to yield, what kind of high you want, if you want a particular taste, etc.  Once you work out all those kinds of details your options will be drastically limited making your choice that much easier :)

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In my experience, those size pots are huge for a small indoor grow.  You can get away with 5 to 10L.  Also, pick a strain you want and then fit the pot size to it, not the other way around.  In that size tent you probably don't want the plants to get taller than 110 to 140cm (as you need room for the lights, ventilation and the height of the pots).

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Personally I'd get this one:



80cm x 150cm is a good floor space in many ways.  You could for example have your fans and ducting at one end, watering system at the other and have the plants in the middle.  The 1.2m x 1.2m tent I linked has a little more floor space but its square which gives it the biggest advantage because it means you can keep everything centered which will spread your light out evenly amongst the plants.  It won't be like 2 plants get the best light and the other 2 get what remains.  Each plant could be treated exactly the same giving you a much more uniform crop while making the most of your lighting.

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I considered that one, the one I linked just suits the room better, but I'll think about it.


What about the 30L pots, are they unnecessarly big for strains such as these?:




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Its pretty hard to have too much space for the roots to grow into.  As I said before though the pot size doesn't really make any difference to which strains you can grow in them.  The only difference is the size the plants can get before coming massively root bound so just get what ever strains sound the best for you and go from there :)

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