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Silver Surfer Vape Questions... that turned into a Buyers guide?

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Hello there fellow Stoners 


I have been Considering getting a Vaporizer for a few weeks now, I have done quite a bit of reading up and research of different kinds YouTube really was a big help in making an informed decision and I think I have come to a Decision. 


I should probably mention that personally YouTube was a really big help in making an informed decision 


First of all let me say I am loving the look of this vape it is on the higher end of the price scale when it comes to vaporizers and for around the same price as this Whip style vape you could get yourself a Plenty vaporizer, made by the same people who make the Volcano, its said to be the best whip style vaporizer on the market at the moment sitting at around $350 but I suppose it's all personal choice....obviously since I am not purchasing the Plenty.


The Silver Surfer Vape seems to be Cheapest and with the most options for what you actually get available on their 'official' website 

It is possible that you may be able to get some color models on ebay for the same price as the stock silver one.


The Cheapest version you can get if you don't care about what your looking at is what they call a 'Blemished Model


which are just the usual Brand new vaporizers with a Visual flaw, (Scratch, dent etc) you can get them for $200 including shipping if you don't care which color you get and only want a standard glass style for where the whip glass and the Heater glass meet, they give you the option choose a color for both the base and the Housing adding $15 - $25 each and you can choose to receive a model with either a Ground glass hand free wand or a Spherical Ground glass one that rotates for heat distribution and holds a better seal for an extra $15 to $20 Respectively and finally the option for a Storage bag at $25. Regardless of any modifications you make this model comes with a Free upgrade to the Australian 220v Type I Plug (all other models require an additional $20 to do this)


The Blemished model comes with a Hand made glass marble pick, and temperature knob, a 'complete standard Glass Kit which comes with a heater cover, wand, 3ft food grade vinyl tube and a clear class mouthpiece. it also comes with a free 'small glass jar.




The New (non damaged) standard Silver model with the 'standard' wand/housing attachment sits at around $300 including shipping and the aussie power cable. This comes  with the glass knob and pick, 3 free screens a 'pyrex quick change wand' and the mouthpiece ect ect. It also comes with a free padded Shoulder bag made to fit the vape and its accessories and a free mens Tshirt and Wax melt sample for some reason... full Modification options are again available Housing and baseplate color, Wand/Heater cover glass style, engravings or adding a Glass oil Diffuser, which all set you back between $5 and $40 each but most are around $15-$20.


so for the standard SSV you can really jump up to prices of $390 if you wanted the newest attachments and don't like the look of silver (i'm not even touching engravings..)



This brings me to the Vaporizer that I am buying the Silver Surfer Rasta, Wave Rider Edition. The Rasta Model is the Black/yellow one at the front with the Lion



This vape Comes with All the same things as the regular ssv, a Red baseplate (option to change), Custom Rasta colored Temp knob, yellow, red or Green whip tube, Free 'new' Glass oil Difuser which is usually $20, and a 'limited edition engraving number if you cared about that sort of thing.

it also comes with a different colored bag (and i believe the bag itself is also much better) and one of the main reasons i want to jump up to this style is the Free Spherical Ground Gass style upgrade.

Getting this edition also gives you the ability to buy an otherwise unobtainable "Custom Rasta Glass Kit" to replace the Hand made, Tempknob, Wand and Mouth Piece, I did not select this option however.


so the Options i am going with are as follows...


Rasta Edition Wave Rider Pack...$350

220v Australian voltage/cord........$20

Shipping .......................................$20

Black baseplace (free)

Green Whip tube (free)

.............................................Total $390


Now Personally i see this as a much better option to get an awesome looking vape, with the new attachments ect.. for $390 when a standard Black SSV with the Updated Glass kit is $350 with shipping anyway ..

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So to my questions, 


1.What do you think of the Vape? (I will link some reviews below)

2. Would you personally put in the extra dollers for Cosmetic upgrades?

3. Do you think the Spherical Ground Glass attachment is Worthwhile?

4.Would you also choose this over the Plenty which from what I have read produces Superior Vapor (and just happens to look like a Power Tool...)


really my options are either...


 pay $310 for the silver surfer (+shipping/aupower) and pay $25 for the new heater attachment, and $20 for the housing attachment... = $365.


pay $390 for the Rasta wave rider(+shipping/aupower), get the black housing and updated attachments for free, not only is it black but it has a pretty awesome looking image in it, the glass pieces (other than mouth piece) are all designed in the theme, i get a green hose not a black or clear one, and some other stuff included ontop  I just don't see why anyone wouldn't choose that option. 




A review of this Vape from "The Vape Critic"



A Vape Sesh by "The Vape Critic"



a Review of the Model I am buying from "Linda WeedandBombs"


And just for comparason a Review of the "Plenty" vape by "The Vape Critic"



Cheers guys

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Hi there indi420, I have a SSV and love it like a child. They are solid and simple, easy to get parts etc & made to a high standard giving a great vape. I have had mine for 3-4years and still like new. I thought about other vapourisers which do the balloons, though I figure there are more things that can go wrong with electrics in those systems not to mention noises fans.

I highly recommend the ground glass whip and element cover which make one handed vapeing a lot easier. They make some awsome glass accessories and base plates if you want to mix up some colours on your unit. I have accidentally knocked it off tables a cple of times and it hasn't missed a beat. It is good to have a spare glass kit I case you accidentally knock the wand and smash it as I have learned.

The Buddha also made by seventh floor and is a little cheaper and made of similar quality. After using the both Silver Surfer & the Buddha I found the silver surfer to be slightly better tho not much in it. The exception is the Buddha has the placement for the wand (heating chamber) at 90* whereas the ss is tilted at a lower angle which helps stop your meds entering the heating chamber.

I vape about a regular cone size of bud in the chamber and depending on quality I only need two- three repacks and I'm done for the night. I'm all about the flavour tho and probably waste a lot of buddage not vapeing thoroughly, as a lot of the flavour is lost on the first hit and then I keep my vaped stuff for canna cakes,cookies,lollies, iso wash etc.

Anyhoo can't recommend Silver Surfer enough but if you wanna save some bucks go with the Buddha.

Happy vapeing Sandchue :)

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Hey there, 


I am actually thinking of going with the spherical ground glass to have the better seal like the Ground glass but still be able to rotate my wand, and to allow one hand use like the Ground glass style I might grab myself one of These bad boys






"pmsl. this is shamless; and posted at 4:20 am-ish"   hmm I stand by my stoned post.  :scratchin:

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I love vaporizers I had a few I got an extreme Q  now I i love it cost me 230.00 does bags and whips. the one thing I dd learn was its important to get the right one the first few I had didnt like much.


got it from an aussie company came with free extras and was here in two days

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Hey I'm looking to buy a Vape and want to get the right 1 for me. I'm tossing up between the "Plenty" which seems to have a reputation for "hitting" the hardest (and is smooth)d  and interests me cos I'm making the transition from daily bongs - the "Silver Surfer" and the "Vapexhale Cloud" 


Can u hook the Silver Surfer up to a water filter/bong to make it smoother - is it easy to do?


All have good reviews - I'm wondering if anyone has tried 2 or more of these and if they could compare the pros and cons for me as I'm really overwhelmed with info.



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We can give u all the feed back u want but it boils down to what u like.


U can get the Budda get home fire it all up have a hit from it and disslike it.


It is very hard to say how each person will react to how this or that vape may work.


I have used 3 diff vapes (dont own any yet) and with the ones i have used i like the extreme Q the most.


My advice would b if u know any one with a vape to go and give it a work out, u may like the hit u get from a bong to much and when u smoke through a vape and dont get that it could be a wast of good $$ for ya vape to b grathering dust on some shelf...

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We can give u all the feed back u want but it boils down to what u like.


U can get the Budda get home fire it all up have a hit from it and disslike it.


It is very hard to say how each person will react to how this or that vape may work.


I have used 3 diff vapes (dont own any yet) and with the ones i have used i like the extreme Q the most.


My advice would b if u know any one with a vape to go and give it a work out, u may like the hit u get from a bong to much and when u smoke through a vape and dont get that it could be a wast of good $$ for ya vape to b grathering dust on some shelf...

Thanx 4 the reply mate. I'm thinking maybe an SSV hooked up to my bong may be the way to go - for smoothness of vapor on throat - but also to make the transition from smoking easier.


What attachment/s if any do I need to do this and where do I buy them in Aus? Australian Vaporizers sells the SSV (and others) but not sure what else I would need.


The Vapexhale "Cloud" looks great too, but it has no warranty and there have been many reports of breakdowns (even though it apparently works great when it works!) The new "EvO" doesn't seem to be available here..

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How did you go with it all indie420, did you go ahead with the SSV?


I am very interested to see if you like it, I am looking at making the switch to vape myself. I have found myself getting into fitness over the last few years and the strain on my lungs from years of pipe smoking has taken its toll. I love the herb and don't want to stop but to help me with my training and general health I need to stop smoking.


so yeah please let us know how you go with SSV,






Ps. Whoops I just saw the date of the original post and I have resurrected an old thread, sorry guys

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