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Green algae help!

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Hey Euro,

Welcome to OSA.

Don't be too worried about the algal bloom. It occurs when light can get to your fluid. As your plant increases in size the light will be block from direct contact with your medium, in this case your clayballs. This is why it is recommended that you use black tub for your reservoir and black tubing so that the light cant reach your nutes. I know of a grower who has made plastic shrouds from panda plastic for the top of his pots to stop light contact but personally I don't bother. The growth of my plant eventually blocks all the light.



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Also the nitrogen in the nutrient causes this too. But like what merln said no problem what so ever if you can get some plastic wrap or some sort of water prove material to cover the top of the pot stop light getting to it if you really want to but no damage being done a the point in time



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