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White Rhino Nursery

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G'day all :D


Been flat out like a lizard drinkin doing all sorts of different stuff recently which has fucked up my growing schedule.


Just started some old White Rhino beans I got from SPC ages ago.


Germed them all using paper towel method. 11 out of 13 popped. Lost one when transplanted to pot (died off after a week or so) which left me with 10.


The ten were in tiny pots filled with seed raising mix under fluoro's for a week or so. These were originally going to be vegged and flowered until approx week 4 or 5 then put outside to finish under the Autumn sun. Not to sure about this now but I'll see how things pan out - depends on how many females I get.


I transplanted four to a little tubbler to see how marked the difference in growth is ~ tubbler vs soil. I knew what the answer would be ... just wanted to see it for myself. I would have germed and raised in a different medium to soil had I planned to go DWC with this one but I didn't so I didn't - just a last minute decision. I have proper tubs ready for the bubbling bubs once they show their sex. Just have to lift netpot out of veg tubbler and place into bigger buckets when ready.


Of the four transplanted to tubbler, three have powered and one is still a runt (it will be culled shortly). The runt's root mass didn't cope with the change of environment but the others are loving it. It has perked up in the last week as new roots have formed to adapt, but it will never catch up and is most likely going to stay a runt now and forever ... so that lil babe is outta here.


They've been under a 400W HPS for a week or so now and are starting to gain some momentum. I will tip them at around the fourth or fifth node, sex them and turf the males. The number of females from the batch will determine how I grow them all as I don't intend to turf any females unless they are really lagging behind in growth. If I get lots of females I'll have to finish some outdoors but I'll just have to wait and see.


I hope to get a keeper from the batch to keep as a mum. I shall be taking clones of each before flowering and keeping the clone of the best female.


The Very Berry from the last grow was a good plant to work with but I wanted to try a hard hitting indica with lots of resin so I can try my hand at hash making with the trim.


I'm loving the fat stout leaves on this strain - haven't grown a heavy indica before.


That's it for now


:D Tugboat :)


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The six on the right hand side were repotted into soil with 1-2" of expanded clay balls on bottom to aid drainage and a layer on top to cover soil and help keep any bugs away.


The tubbler is now upto 0.9-1.0ec. So far I am changing the water once every 5 or so days and use it to water the 6 plants in soil.


Once I sex the plants and have the ladies isolated I will get a grow thread happening ~ if all goes well between now & then.


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can see the difference between the tubblers and the soil bubs.

Certainly can :D . Have a look at the tubblers now after only a few more days. The soil bubs have been heading outdoors for sun during day and back under lamp with tubblers overnight. Was trying to help em catch up a little. They have, but the tubblers are powering. The things I like about DWC is not only the quick veg growth but how quickly the main stem and side branches thicken up. One of the tubblers main stem is already as thicker than my thumb.


:) Tugboat :P


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And then there were eight


So far two males' ball have dropped. They have been dealt with swiftly ~ chop chop and into the compost.


Of the others there are three definite females with the others yet to show their true colours.


On the right are the two remaining bubblers which have been stepped up into the big tub. Thery have not been tipped but are bushing profusely :wacko:


On the left the six in soil


:D Tugboat :P


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