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Anyone Had A "tincup" Before?

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Well.. i was introduced to this yesterday. We were looking for new ways to challenge our lung capacity, so one of my mates tells us about the "tincup"


we had a fairly large cone in the springer we were using, and the mate that suggested the tincup had a smaller one, so we packed the big one, in the springer, then packed the smaller one, put it on top of the big one, upside down, and lit it through the hole on the bottom of the small cone


hmm.. i tell ya.. it was pretty hard to pull... you couldnt see the weed, or when it ripped through, so you had to rely on your bong sense, and try to gauge when it will rip down, so you can take your finger off the shottie at the right time


damn.. i shoulda got some pics.. i will make sure I do next time I get hte chance, so I can show ya all


well.. here is a pic, and I will post another one, of somebody (dont know who :D :D) in that mask inside the hut we made up the bush... it was an old shooting range, and it was like a big ditch, and we made the end of it a hut.., covered it in rafters, then tin on the top, then covered tin with foliage, etc


it is a really nice hut


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