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A ;itt;e Help From My Friends My 1st Dwc

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How you doin - I just thought I might get some imput on my set up. Im running six 5 gal buckets in a cabinet. I use a duel outlet air pump for every two buckets that have a 6" airstones. For light I run a 400w hps. I have an A/C unit that cools the cabinet along with a ocelating fan. What so you think


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Looks pretty good from what i can see,


Only thing that pops up is that foil, I hate foil in a grow room after using it my plants got damaged from heat spots.

Watch out for the A/C if its set too low it will cause more probelms than it fixes. A/C also dries out the air so humdity could be a consideration.


I use a/c in the room also but its set high like around 21 degs.


But hey all sweet as looking to me, whats the strain?

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hey matey, do you have a control bucket running them buckets cos it dont look like it from here??? maybe I just cant see the tubing.


anyway heres a DWC post I did a while ago at a diff site that'll help you set up some control buckets if you dont have them, I was running 6 buckets then too.

WC's guide to setting up a DWC crop at assc.


Other than the lack of tubing, she look real sweet mate, if this is your first bubbler grow than you are gonna be amazed at the growth, but without a control you will have a bugger of a time watering all buckets.


take care.

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Thanx fella's this is my first attempt at hydro so I kept it simple so no controller. This is not the system that I want to run for the long run. I'm setting up a stadium system that is a swc areo hybrid that will be run in zone so I can run a sog system and harvest every ten days. I am running Morning Star clones right now and the roots are unreal this hydro thing is fast. Drop a line keep me updated. Having trouble with pics. will update soon. Roll one for me. mrbowtie
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